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  1. Seems I've sorted it! Swapped with another throttle body I had hanging around and its dropped to 1600. Still a little high but the engine hasn't run in well over 12 months properly so I'm putting it down to that for now and we'll see how it goes
  2. Right... so with the engine running and inter cooler pipe off if I block the throttle body it cuts out. If I block the little vacuum hole inside the bottom of the throttle body it cuts out. It's also pulling alot of vacuum through that hole which tells me theres no vacuum leak. So to try eliminate that hole as its in front of the butterfly I block the vacuum lines underneath the throttle body, both of them. The car still runs straight up to 2600k. Even with those vacuum lines underneath blocked off I'm still getting vacuum pull through that little hole inside the TB so I'm guessing it pulls some from the other side of the butterfly theres not much I can do about that. I know my inlet is sealed fully as I had it back off the other day to check and sealed it with sealant along with the gasket. Only thing I can think of is something has failed inside the TB that's allowing air to get pulled through that hole when it shouldnt be. I've had the TB off and can't see anything obvious though so who knows. I'll try pick up another TB
  3. Yeah I've had the icv off and cleaned it will give the throttle body a good going over tomorrow too Cheers for the suggestions 👍
  4. Yeah I've gone over everything like 20 times dude haha it's what I first assumed I'd done was leave one unplugged somewhere. Can't find anything.
  5. Finally getting my hands back into sorting the gt and after fitting new fuel lines over the weekend I fired her up for the first time.... idle went straight to 3k 😂 I assumed vacuum leak so I had the inlet manifold back off as I'd recently removed it and assumed I'd left something. So that's all sealed back up cant see/feel any vacuum leaks whilst spraying carb cleaner around there with the engine running yet it still wont idle less than 2600 rpm. The idle screw is wound all the way in and I've even disconnected the throttle cable so the throttle is as shut as it can be yet it still idles at that speed. Anyone got any ideas before I actually give up on the thing and strip it
  6. just link the power cables from one to another shouldnt be too much of a problem obviously sender cables will need to be individual
  7. Yeah I've seen this knocking about too!still got that steering rack too James??
  8. Is your speedo working?I know with mine as it wasn't working it would through the eml light after a certain speed
  9. Cheers mate will give you a shout if I can't get hold of one would prefer to go non power steering though if I can!
  10. As above looking for a non power steering rack for my gt anyone have one for sale?
  11. Common area I've discovered myself for ep82 to start rotting. But nobody notices it unless it's stripped. As above replacing sills if it's bad is your only option
  12. Silver glanza shell with engine bottom end has gone? Can get a price for you off my mate think he's looking for about 300
  13. Haha I know I'll regret it after the hours I put into building it but my hearts just not with it anymore.it's probably more down to the fact I haven't driven it so long and it's just sat in the garage. Gonna be a hard think about things I guess. If anyone wants to make me an offer though feel free to pm me worst I can say is no! I guess if the right offer came along who knows
  14. I know I'll probably regret it and part of me just thinks plow some money into over winter and drive the death out of it next summer lol Plenty of pics and the work gone into this in my build thread on here will find a link for it now
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