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  1. New snaps!! Went back to Hakone with the Mrs. and her sister yesterday to see the last of the cherry blossoms on the Toyo Tires Turnpike. Perfect weather and a great drive, with the notable exception of the horrific expressway traffic back into the city. Cannot WAIT to get my bonus paid out in July so I can finally get a new exhaust fitted...any opinions on Fujitsubo Legalis R vs. HKS Silent Hi-Power regarding "sounds good, but won't drone you to death?"
  2. Thank you! Hakone is a really great place - nothing but twisties for dozens of k's in any direction Highly recommended! Never know what you might see! By the way, just for fun, here's a bit of a sound clip of the new intake! Apologies for potato quality. UphillBOV.mp4
  3. In other news, pictures from my weekend in Hakone! Great weather and great sounds from the BOV through the new intake that were making me giggle like a little girl on the highway the whole way home
  4. You had better luck than I did, hahaha. Googling in Japanese got me as far as the name, and that's about it. Well unfortunately, my attempt at an intake will be nowhere near that nice, but we'll see what pans out
  5. New intake is on!! Please forgive the dirty engine bay...work's been busy and it's been rainy lately, so I haven't had the chance for a proper rubdown of things. Very much looking forward to roadtripping tomorrow and seeing how she sounds. Side note/question: should I do anything like disconnect then reconnect the battery to reset the ECU or anything? Seemed to be running a little bit rich on startup, although that could also just be that I haven't driven in a while. Next step is going to be trimming down the factory airbox snorkel so it doesn't rub, then reinstalling it to keep a cold air feed to that area. In the future I'll be mocking up a heatshield template in cardboard, then properly putting it together with 2mm aluminum sheet.
  6. Thank you! According to the box, they are T005D's. They're just the basic RSR DownSus springs, though, not the fancy Ti2000 ones.
  7. Cheers! On the way The Mrs. and I are taking a weekend roadtrip up to Hakone this week, so I'll have fresh pics from the Turnpike and maybe a sound byte with my new Blitz intake. Thank you, sir! And it may well be...I honestly don't remember that specific car very well, but it does appear to be a Mira/Cuore of some description...
  8. As promised, new pictures! The wife and I took a trip out to Gunma back in late December to visit some friends; sadly did not get a chance to make any Initial D-related pilgrimages this time around, but did get a pretty great shot of the car with Mt. Fuji in the background. And then 3 shots from the Speedhunters' New Year's Gathering...mostly from when I got to Daikoku at 6:45 AM and was freezing my hands off. Pork buns do wonders for your circulation early in the morning And thanks to some side work, I've got some cash in the bank and some parts on the way, so stay tuned for the proper modding to start!
  9. Anytime I go to Daikoku, I definitely feel how unmodified my EP still is hahaha I'm hoping to having it looking a little less standard for the annual unofficial Starlet Owner's Meeting on 9/1. Yeah! I was super excited to see that one of my taillights slipped in behind that blue 34, then it turned out I ended up in a full shot and I was a little shocked. It was probably the best single meeting at Daikoku that even I have ever been to. Fortunately, the Speedhunters guys have much better cameras than the 10 year old DSLR I've quietly "borrowed" from my wife
  10. Sorry, everybody - here are reuploads of all the old photos I could track down my backups of. Hopefully shouldn't have those issues again.
  11. I know, I noticed the same thing recently...I'm going to try to reupload them all with a new source. Apologies on that. Thanks very much! That is in fact a WGNC34 Nissan Stagea, I believe that one was actually an RS-Four - imagine an R33 Skyline GT-R gearbox and AWD bolted to an RB25DET.
  12. Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for the long absence, work suddenly exploded a bit... But it's gonna be a good year for the car! Got some money set aside and a Blitz intake and set of RSR lowering springs on the way. And even better...I made it out to the Speedhunters New Years' Gathering at Daikoku PA on 1/3 and managed to sneak into the background of a shot!! XD Anyway, I'll be putting up some pics of my own both from some December roadtrips as well as the Daikoku event, so stay tuned! 2019 is gonna be fun!
  13. Ahhhh, too bad. Next time drop me a line! XD Glad to be of service. Gonna try to keep putting pics up everytime I take the EP out somewhere. To be honest, I like that the paint on mine shines up ok, but is not actually that good up close haha. Keep me from worrying about chips and actually driving it. Just trying to keep the car as 98% rust free as it is right now. Thanks very much! Hoping to slowly start moving it towards more of an "OEM+" style...whenever I start making a bit more $$$
  14. Ask and ye shall receive! Pulled up at Umihotaru PA on the way out of Tokyo. One of my favorite places; big parking area on an artificial island in the middle of Tokyo Bay where the highway tunnel that goes under the bay comes out of the water. Great views. And the EP at the beach! Unfortunately you also get a really nice shot at the big chip in the paint just above the grill...gotta get a touch-up pen for that... Thanks for the kind words, by the way! As for last year, if it makes you feel any less bad, I only had the car since the end of July '17, so maybe the timing would have made it not matter anyway :p
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