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  1. Second hand only for genuine toyota. Otherwise aftermarket versions..
  2. Shame. I was very close to buying and collecting this from you but whoever got it just pipped me to it.
  3. Yeh I have to say I think that would be a great buy for someone even at that price. You could daily that for 10 years and I bet it'd still be in good shape and low miles by the end of it.
  4. Came across this beauty when looking through ebay. Bargain for someone who wants a reliable car (not mine)... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1996-Toyota-Starlet-1-3-Petrol-Man-only-4-400-miles-part-of-private-collection/254323488547?hash=item3b36dc7723:g:QIAAAOSwPp5dAXBC
  5. As per title. Is this a LSD or standard diff? Been told it is a Cusco lsd for a glanza but not convinced. Cheers
  6. How has the gold wrap been applied under the bonnet? Just lots of cut out bits to fill the gapes or has it been fully covered / separated somehow? Good luck with the forthcoming jobs.
  7. Not available in the OP's tyre size though... Only toyos available are CF2. I have the same size wheels, general consensus is the Rainsport 3's are most popular. But wear out quicker than many other options. I do hear CF2's are good though and surprisingly inexpensive.. Here is the full selection of available tyres in this size: https://www.camskill.co.uk/m4b0s403p0/Car_Tyres_-_MPV_Tyres_-_People_Carrier_Tyres_-_14_inch_R14_inch_-_185_55_14_185_55R14
  8. Cool Glanza, looks the spitting image of what mine was when I first got it 10 Years ago! Mine came over with RSR springs too. Any chance you know the part number for the RSR springs you fitted? (May get another set). Thanks
  9. Yeh I second that, and my best mate 3rd's it. I actually thought you still made them Idrees?
  10. Good lad. They should last you well. Yeh there is a plastic white over clip on the speedo cable end that you need to pull aside from the notch in the cable end whilst then sliding it down the speedo cable. Then a tug should get it off. My fingers arent too fat so I was always able to get them behind the clock in situ to remove everything at the back, thankfully.
  11. Lucas bulbs are decent mate. Had good experiences with them too. Them or osram / philips would be my choice. Not to knock the previous guy. I have tried those simply bulbs before in all sorts of bulb types. H7 h4 501 286 and they are shit. I mean they work for a short time. Few months but always go pop.
  12. There is a plastic over clip on the speedo cable. Feel it with your fingers. Pull off from one side whilst sliding down and off the speedo cable. Then the cable will come out with a bit of a tug. To mention on my glanza there are 3 connectors at the top: left, middle and right. Reverse process when putting back in.
  13. Most important thing i can recommend is buying the best quality bulbs for the clock lights i.e. osram. I had a couple of experiences replacing the clock bulbs with basic brand bulbs and they last less than 6 months and you gotta redo it all again. Osrams ive had in are years old and still good.
  14. You should put at least a jubilee / hose clip on there just to make sure it doesn't pop off from the pressure etc
  15. So never take these off the car? (pic attached) I was hoping to powder coat them in the future. Not worth it then / leave them be??
  16. Quick update on explaining the mystery. I got in touch with Jay through TGTT who told me that: "Toyota started introducing a different evaporator housing from Dec 97 (coincides nicely with the mk2 V) which incorporated cabin pollen filters. As you can imagine in Japan this was a major feature as they are all about the air quality. Worth noting that it's not just as cut and dry as that. Pollen filters only became factory in 97, however before that you could still spec them as a dealer option. That means there's 1996 V's running round with them too albeit retrofitted." Therefore, this would also generally agree with why toyodiy parts catalogue has only 97+ V's listed for the pollen filters. Jay also mentioned that the EP82's never got them as they were obviously previous to this. When in doubt. Ask Jay!
  17. Nice, clear differences there from stock. So was Jam the only aftermarket company to do a cast one then? I mean if there was another company who made a cast one, it'd be pretty hard to tell what is genuine JAM and what isn't, no?
  18. http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/53119-ha-finially-proved-the-turbo-timers-off-the-mr2s-arnt-genuine/ Just to help - Seems the turbo timer switch is just for an aftermarket part (although looks oem). Not toyota OEM or an optional extra.
  19. Cool find! My question is how do we know this is a genuine JAM manifold, they are usually not stamped are they?
  20. Cool, looks like we've settled it then, unless someone with a 96 shows a pic of one lol No idea about gt's though. Thanks for explaining the pipe function also. Makes me wonder where all the junk that the filter picks up goes to in mine though!
  21. Out of interest, people saying they have a 98 glanza v - is that deffo a v from the factory? I.e. not a conversion and still has the filter??
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