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  1. Nice work james, good to see the new lights work well. First set ive seen fitted!
  2. Brackets here, can post
  3. Should have some front wheel arch liners here
  4. Looking good mark, hope the EDFC kit serves you well!
  5. As per title, will buy a pair if needed
  6. 😂😂 youll be back soon… Deposit taken on this now.
  7. I know what your issue could be with the box. My gearbox started going noisy which i put down to clutch release bearing. Upon removal the centre spline on the trd clutch had worn loose so that got replaced with an excedy stage 1. Bearing was fine but new bearing fitted along with a new clutch and the noise was still there. It was some of the shaft bearings in the gearbox in the end. New bearings in the gearbox and the noise completely went. Not only that the gearbox now feels the best its ever felt. Engagement is perfect and the difference really was night and day. TRD diff in m
  8. Great work as usual james. Always enjoy reading what your up to. Its crying out to get mapped surely…
  9. Here for sale we have a fresh import Toyota Starlet Glanza V. Fully registered correctly and ready to drive away. This car wants for nothing. Low mileage and completely unmolested. This car has never ever been modified. This is the much desired ‘98’ spec also benefiting from the optional front splitter and original optional Toyota alloy wheels. These are very rare to find in red with only 316 known to have ever been built in this colour. The car is in excellent condition throughout and have many more photos available for any potential buyer. I put 500miles on it personally upon reg
  10. Good to see the car continuing to get some good treatment! Also a bonus that its been running well too!
  11. Have both here James, pm me and we can get them sorted out.
  12. The steering wheel came up like new!
  13. Not sure why these dont fit? Ive fitted just the cup holders multiple times before on n/a’s by just using what you were sent out!
  14. A great buy Dale, was following this when it was on ebay! Looking forward to following the progress.
  15. Plug in the drivers footwell can be extended to the rear for parcel shelf speakers. From factory a new loom was added to power up rear speakers and this was always unused.
  16. Great work! I also recently bought the fuel filler neck guard. Mine was also in a bad shape! Interesting about the airbag on imports. My reflet has the airbag light on so hoping it gets recalled so they can deal with it lol.
  17. With the trim panel off remove the 2 10mm fixings. Then inside you can get to some of the clips to unclip it. Clips are easily bought online so if some break thats not a issue
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