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  1. Clio sport is manic but that seems the only one. Love to get back in a glanza or mk1 GT 😍
  2. Seen both a silver and a white Glanza floating about often. Anyone here?
  3. Not been on in a while since sold my Glanza (god I miss it). Place seems dead! Nothing for sale really either online!
  4. Love this car! Can you do more landscape photos for iPhone backgrounds Ha!
  5. Friend spotted it but said it was nice still! Any photos for us?
  6. Used to be owned by Lewis who I knew on here. Candy purple. Reg ends in CTR
  7. Welcome, get some snaps of your car up
  8. Did you turn yours into a proper track car apposed to road friendly car then?
  9. Currently using my Glanza as a second car. It now hasn't been used for a month until today. I just don't have the time. Not sure what to do... ahhh. Cant see it selling for too much if I do as it just need some TLC.
  10. I was in my new car, (golf) and saw a white GT going towards Tonbridge from Hadlow (Kent). Lady driving with couple people in the car
  11. Today about 10am. Had forum stickers on it too.
  12. As above, on Pembury road on Friday night . Think had two different sets of black wheels
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