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  1. The white Glanza is probably me. I work in Tunbridge Wells I don't have a picture of it without the carbon wings (not fitted anymore). Off the road at the moment for winter. Soon to be having a forged engine fitted.
  2. Hello, Is anyone selling a standard fuel pressure regulator. Got a cheap sard one at the moment and it's not agreeing very well with my mines ecu
  3. Good evening all, My names Jamie, based in Kent. Back when i turned 19 (28 now) I bought my first Starlet GT Turbo Looking good there but had the usual lacquer peel on the roof and a bit on the bonnet. Had a few problems like having a small bottom end knock, which once the engine let go I wanted to rebuild. What ended up killing it one day was I was going down a dual carriageway and all of a sudden started getting a lot of squealing. Come off the next junction and went to pull away and BANG went my clutch into lots of little pieces. Came off the road, so began stripping it down Found this Probably about right as I did run it on a bar of boost with a FCD and RRFPR and no half decent set up on a dyno. Wanted to forge it but only had a part time job back then, had the crankshaft sent away to be reground and new bearings That cost around about £600 and then had no money for a while after that, ended up selling the crank at a loss and scrapped the car. I vowed that one day I would own another as they are very fun little cars. My Mrs had always moaned since quitting my last job as I had a work van, that she no longer had a car as I had to use it for work (other car is a Ford Focus ST250 ST3 facelift. Took the plunge and had a search for any nearby starlets a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for a Glanza due to already having a GT Turbo, found a freshly imported one in Essex but was asking for quite a bit for it. Then found another for sale in Eastbourne and so I decided to bring it home Has a few little gremlins like the exhaust is constantly sat on the rear beam, I've ordered a HKS Hi-power silent exhaust as I would like the make the noise a bit more subtle. Currently has a custom exhaust at the moment Meshed CT9, Half Rad, Front Mount with custom made piping (no blow off valve), Pretty much brand new BC Coilovers, Stripped out rear end, RRFPR, Walbro fuel pump, Magnecore leads, apparently genuine carbon cruise wings, Defi boost, oil pressure, coolant temp and oil temp gauges. TRD front strut brace, ultra racing rear strut brace. Levin twin pot front calipers and HEL brake llines all round, AEM wideband, Ported standard manifold Cant think of what else at the moment. Just plan to enjoy it and sort out any niggles for the time being
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