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  1. anyone know what to do if the standard dump valve snaps off? i installed the hks adjustable actuator and in the process the standard dv snapped off (red circle) also what do i do about the nipple (blue circle) that no longer has a vacuum hose leading to it as the hks actuator only has one nipple going to turbo?
  2. not sure if this is the right place to post this but anyone got any advice once whether i should upgrade wheels or suspension first? looking to get new wheels and coilovers/arb/alk kit for my stock glanza but was wondering whether the smart move would be to get the wheels sorted first so the suspension can be adjusted correctly for what it’s gonna be sitting on? any help would b appreciated!
  3. thanks man, you've given me a bit of an idea of where to start, really grateful!
  4. Do you have any recommendations for coilovers, ARB or ALK kits? I've seen a few on id workz, just wondering what your opinions on these are? Appreciate the help man, thank you.
  5. I ended up removing it for now as I found the blow off was almost obnoxiously loud for a stock car. I appreciate the help though! Apologies if this is in the wrong thread but not sure where else to post: Not sure if anyone can help me out but I'm feeling a bit lost on where to start with mods for my Glanza. I love it to bits but feel a bit overwhelmed with the possibilities of things to do, many of which not being easy having little experience working on cars myself. Just wondering if anyone can give me any suggestions on what would get me started with doing bits myself and any good mods for a stock Glanza to increase power? Any help would be really appreciated as I feel as if I'm stuck in a bit of a rut. Cheers, Ben
  6. It seemed to be a pretty tight fit in there without securing it with anything. Is this correct?
  7. Just wondering if anyone could reassure me that I've installed this correctly? All seems to be working as it should but don't have much confidence in myself seeing as it's pretty much my first attempt at a mod ever Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone! Just bought my 1999 Glanza V (almost completely stock!) after 2 years of owning a Starlet. Just wanted to introduce myself and wondering if there's anyone around the SW London area who can help me learn about these cars? Take it easy! Ben
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