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  1. How easy is the crash bar to remove on an ep82? Mines looking a bit worse for wear n thinking of giving it a coat of paint but unsure how to get it off. Cant find anywhere on how to remove it but have seen pics of cars without it on, so I know it can be removed! Wanna do it before my front mount goes on
  2. Cant fault him, quick to reply and super quick delivery!! Paid friday, posted saturday, arrived today! Now need to find time to fit my front mount!!
  3. Ah yeah forgot about that pain in the arse! Cheers mate. Anything else anyone can think of, please let me know!
  4. Right, so just done a sniff test and the fluid turned from blue to a slight greenish colour. It says if it turns yellow that the gaskets failed, so I'm presuming that it's on it's way out. Besides a timing belt, is there anything else anybody recommends I change while I get the head gasket sorted? Valve stem seals etc Thanks
  5. After driving to work this morning, I checked and the fan isn't working when hitting temp. Could this cause the leaking issue??
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. I did read that a sniff test will show a head gasket failure, I'll order one now and hopefully it comes on the weekend. Hopefully it's a cracked housing as I have another ep82 that I can strip for parts, hence having an emanage blue to go on. I have a double core half rad to go in which I was going to do this weekend, td04 from my other ep82 wont go on until I remove the standard rad. Aircon needs to come out too. Will check for obvious signs, water in piston 2 and 3 when i fit the rad. I will also have a good look at the housing etc
  7. Noticed an issue with the temp gauge having inaccurate reading so I changed the thermostat. After 6 months or so I noticed coolant was dripping out so thought maybe I hadn't fitted the thermostat properly. The temperature slowly started raising, it started leaking fluid very slowly and then it stopped all of a sudden after a couple of days. I have changed the thermostat again as it is relatively cheap, and as i was bleeding the rad earlier and noticed that it was still leaking but it was leaking from the housing and not where the thermostat cover is (where the housing joins the head)
  8. Here's a link for rear shocks, unsure where to find top mounts http://www.tuningdevelopments.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=0_502_519_574&products_id=982
  9. Cushion

    Front gt badge

    Yeah there about that, I had to get one a couple years back
  10. Yeah its pretty tight as the oil filter gets in the way. I let the oil filter push the silicone hose in a bit but wasn't sure if it was safe so I've meshed the turbo instead, sounds much better when spooling/boosting. Plus, I'm running a TD04
  11. I dunno which bit you mean, if its to the compressor housing then ive just used a samco joiner to a 90 degree metal bend and then another long samco, think its about 10inches to join to the original HDI pipe. Havent got photobucket or anything but if you PM me your email address or phone number ill send you some pics that way, up to you tho
  12. You put them in between where the bonnet attaches to the shell, may need longer bolts depending how big your spacers are.
  13. Varies in price dude, depending whats gone internally. Probably looking anywhere from £120 - £400 I could imagine. Ill be looking to get mine rebuilt if it doesn't solve my gear selecting problem.
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