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  1. just some pics of how's she looking at the minute!
  2. Everyone still good for this? Speak now or forever hold your peace! Also don't think I've said, it's £10 for a show car, spectators are free I think!
  3. Plan for this is to meet at sprucefield at 9.30, leave for the show at 9.45! I'll probably be around sprucefield from close to 9, and if you can't make it to sprucefield before 9.45 just head straight to the show and tell them you're with UKSO. Looks like it'll be a great stand!
  4. Thanks buddy!! Can't wait to get her out
  5. Ridiculous how much this changes the whole car
  6. Feel like I just picked up a new car. New wheels seriously transformed her! Pics coming asap
  7. We've to be at the show at 10am so everyone meet at Sprucefield carpark in Lisburn at 9.30? We'll leave no later than 9.45 to head over.
  8. Thanks Got sick of the speedlines just wanted something nice and plain! Have some nice original trd stickers for these too
  9. New wheels powder coated In love with them, can't wait to get them on the car!
  10. Ohh yeah sorry! Complete forgot to update. That's no problem so you're good to roll with us!
  11. no problem ill email poppy in the morning and see if thats ok but I can't see it being a problem since its so early!
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