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  1. not much has happened with the car, it now has a blitz nur spec so its mega loud and shoots fire i also made a new gear knob, its a bit diffrent
  2. so i have just got new wheels, they are rays and 8j front, 9j rear
  3. so i picked my car up from prospeed today, got a car back and its so much better
  4. small update, the car had a new clutch yesterday, a lot harder than a starlet haha
  5. so after my mk1 and starlet both died in the same week i needed a new car, i ended up picking this up from jamesd89, amazing car and cant wait to start changing stuff
  6. its an female terminal the closest to the driver in the box
  7. it took me about 20 mins to wire it up, live and earth from the cigarette lighter and signal from the plug in the diag box, its nice to see how my rpm's are
  8. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Auto-2-52mm-Universal-LED-Rev-Counte-Tachometer-Tacho-Meter-Tester-Gauge-/231293397037?nav=SEARCH thats the rev gauge and i got the pillar pod from a mate
  9. haha i know but when i get money for better tyres it might suprise people
  10. so i not much has happened with the car yet, i changed the oil and filter, put an pod filter on and fitted a rev gauge, next is 35mm lowering springs and an exhaust
  11. Starletsr98

    ep91 backbox

    looking for something thats loud and cheap for my ep91 n/a
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