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  1. Got all the valves lapped in so the head is now ready to build up. I repolished the exhaust ports as I weren’t completely happy with them. I decided to go with a solid gearbox mount, as I don’t have a mill I made a 2 piece mount that bolts together. The countersunk bolts that hold the parts together also make up the studs to hold the mount to the chassis. I machined 2 bolts from some hex bar as this holds in the gearbox slots better than a standard bolt. Next up was an under seat fire extinguisher bracket. Quite a simple design in aluminium with 2 bends. Over the
  2. Well it’s certainly been a minute! Got a few bits and pieces done over the past few months though with a lack of time and bad weather when I’ve actually been off it’s been quite slow. I decided I wasn’t too happy with the spoiler end plates, I got some pink Perspex from work and made some new ones. Art isn’t my strong point but the cherry blossom didn’t come out too bad. I got a Nismo lightweight flywheel, cleaned that up last week and it looks far better than in the photo. I’ve had to repair the spoiler itself as it got damaged under the cover with how windy it h
  3. Thanks, I’m actually an electrician by trade, everything machining wise I learnt from my old man
  4. Done a bit more work on it over the past few days. The boot had gone a bit rusty where the car cover has held water so I got a coat of primer on it. A few runs in it but it’s good enough for now until I repaint it. Thankfully the original spoiler holes and third brake light can’t be seen. Got the passenger side skirt on today, need to get the drivers one on next hopefully tomorrow
  5. Been working away at cleaning everything that needs to go back in the engine. I’ve also painted the oil pan and water pump pulley, though I’m still debating machining an under drive pulley for that. Got myself a strobe kit for the engine bay as well, quite a way off needing that yet but as the dash is out wiring is an absolute doddle currently. Cleaned up the inlet manifold as well as years of the original breather system has coated it in a sticky oily film and replaced all the gaskets
  6. Progress has slowed as the weather has been pretty shite. Got the head, block and crank back from Cambridge Rebores having had the head skimmed, head and block chemically cleaned and the crank polished. Thankfully the marks from the old bearings breaking up have been removed with just a polish so that’s a bonus. Fitted the front and rear main seals and the front gearbox seal. Still waiting for my clutch and upgraded pivot to turn up from France. I have also anodised the engine mounts, i was hoping to dye them purple but I anodised them a bit hard so they didn’t take in the dye but at
  7. Made up some solid aluminium engine mounts from some 2” 6082 bar with m10x1.25 threaded bar. Probably cost me around £15 compared to the £80 or so elsewhere. Just need to order some new nuts and then anodise them
  8. Decided to reinforce the clutch fork and ordered a reinforced clutch pivot and stage 4 white bunny clutch kit from competition clutch
  9. It’s a super HX35. Bit of a weird turbo as it has a water cooled core and an 8cm turbine. Thanks for the kind words, I do try
  10. Had a slightly different project to help with: machine a new water pump part in brass as the original steel had rotted and face an impeller for a TR7
  11. Had a slightly different project to help with: machine a new water pump part in brass as the original steel had rotted and face an impeller for a TR7
  12. Although the turbo and valvetrain will flow enough for the target horsepower I decided to smooth out the casting marks in the ports as the head was off anyway. I opened out the exhaust ports but the inlets were already as big as the gasket so this saved some time. Starting with the exhausts I’ve ported them, removed the casting residue and buffed them to 300 grit. I have polished them but haven’t cleaned the head yet to see how they’ve come out. With the inlets I removed the excess casting and smoothed them out buffing to 240 grit to aid fuel atomisation
  13. With the help of the other half I got the head off, pistons and crank out. The bores are in great condition and will just need a good hone. Considering the life this engine led only 2 main bearings on the middle journals were damaged, they have damaged the crank though by the look of it a polish will bring this back
  14. Bolted the turbo and manifold back on to make up the water and oil return lines
  15. Started stripping the ancillaries and inlet manifold off the engine
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