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  1. I did that to both, the photo was taken before cleaning it up
  2. Seems fine apart from the slightly bent cable. Tightened up the selectors quite nicely. We shall see what happens when it’s back on the road though
  3. That’s where mine is from. The bearings have to be pressed in, I did it in situ and wasn’t quite as careful as I should have been. I used a big then a small washer at the back then the bearing then a small washer and a 3.6 mm washer. It has improved it just be careful when you press the bearings in. If you want I can post a pair of big washers to you at material cost?
  4. As the intercooler pipework was off I decided to fit the gear selector cable bearing kit I’ve had laying around for years. A job I will never bother to do again! I wasn’t too keen on number of washers with the kit so I machined up some thicker washers. Unfortunately one cable is now slightly bent and the gearstick doesn’t quite move to centre from 5th but nothing major. All fitted up and ready for the rest of the car to be put back together once the throttle body gasket arrives.
  5. I’ve always run my idle around 1100 as the idle control and wax stat were shot so idle sometimes plummeted at a standstill and sometimes didn’t so I shall aim to maintain what I had already. Throttle response has always been pretty crisp so I shall probably leave the tps where it is
  6. Machined up some blanking plugs to stop any grit getting into the vacuum lines on the steering rack. Just waiting on a new throttle body gasket to arrive and I can get the car back together and set up the idle
  7. That’s the plan. It’s slowly got more sloppy so took the plunge to remove it. I’ve been controlling the idle via the screw on the throttle body for years to try and counter it anyway
  8. Decided on a change of colour for the cam cover, it will end up the same as the Starlet: a Naoki Nakamura inspired theme instead of the light blue. Took forever to strip with paint stripper but it gave a better finish than just sanding would have. It’s now in primer and once fully hardened it can be packed away ready for painting further down the line.
  9. The original mounting place of the power steering reservoir fouls the vac line on the turbo so I fabricated a new bracket. The top bolt is an original and the bottom bolt was a nutsert addition.
  10. Next up was fully removing the wax stat. It seems this can also cause idle problems so I decided to do a full delete rather than the chemical metal mod it seems most people tend to do. I made a template which if anyone else reading this wants to remove the wax stat I still have and I can send them a blank of it. Tomorrow’s job is blanking off the vacuum lines and joining up the coolant lines that originally ran to this
  11. I’ve had a few jobs that have been needing to be done for a good few years but I’ve never bothered to get them done. As the car is currently off the road for a few bits for the MOT that was due in February I decided to add these on to the list as well. first up was removing the idle control valve. I’ve never had this thing idling properly and I’ve tried a couple of times to clean the idle control valve out but as the copper foil was broken I decided to completely remove. I made up a blanking plate that bolts into the original holes rather than removing the inlet and threading a bolt into it. Made a gasket from some flexoid gasket paper and some instant gasket later the job was done.
  12. Nice one cheers for that I’ll see what I can do with it
  13. How did you remove the wax stat? Did you link the two coolant lines together and put a plate where the stat should have been? Do I need to bridge anything on the idle control valve plug?
  14. Seemed to be the easiest way, aluminium especially cam covers can be a nightmare to weld so using stainless removed that problem. Think I used 1mm stainless sheet and M3 dome head Allen key bolts they can’t rattle loose but you can drill the tops off and get a pair of grips to remove the thread from the cover
  15. Yeh I know where the iacv. I’ll go hunting for the wax stat
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