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  1. Bit light on the pictures and it’s certainly been a while. Got the front bearing out of the rear diff and cleaned it up and painted it. Been doing some of the welding work but I can’t find any photos of that. Big lump of aluminium in the lathe: machined a tool to push the rings into the bores and got those file fitted and labelled up. Need to get the pistons on the rods and start building the engine and finish the welding. Car can go back together then
  2. Cheers just keep chipping away slowly at it
  3. Now that Christmas is out of the way I had a bit of time today. Got the bores deglazed, not sure how long it’ll be sat as I need to find the time to file fit the rings so I’ve left it as a scuffed surface for now. I’ll get the finished home pattern into it when it comes to building it as it’ll need a final clean down anyway. Both boomerangs are off the rear subframe now so I’ve cleaned them up and painted the top. Once it’s dried I’ll get the underside done. Next up is cleaning out the diff casing and painting it before fitting the Kaaz 2 way. Not looking forward to pulling the subfr
  4. I originally wanted a Chaser but I couldn’t insure one back when I was 20 so a 14 it had to be
  5. Todays job: get the diff sorted. Getting out the bolts on the ring gear put me in hospital with myocarditis and nearly killed me. So I’ve now got hold of a huge Dewalt impact as my air one wasn’t big enough. Safe to say the gear is now on my Kaaz 2 way. Just need to clean the casing inside and out and stick some paint on it and it’s ready to be put back together. Once we drop the subframe I can fit the new diff and replace the diff mounts and sub frame mounts, both sets are going to solid from the original rubber. Every mount will then be solid and every arm is rose jointed
  6. Pulled out my Nismo flywheel, unfortunately I couldn’t get out the dowels and it won’t fit in my lathe. Luckily my brother in law has a bigger lathe at his work so we can machine it and get a decent surface back on it
  7. Had a hand from my brother in law starting to get the rot cut out here. Found more as we went along and had to cut out some of my rear arch to access the floor. As it was rotten around the boomerang mounts I have machined new threads and got some new bolts for both sides
  8. Didn’t have much time for a while as our son was born but I’ve got a couple of posts to update the build. Progress is certainly slow but I’m slogging away at it getting bits done where I can. Got the rest of the head built a couple of months ago
  9. Got the high pressure power steering line made up in PTFE hose and fittings
  10. Yeh it is, didn’t want to follow the RB or JZ route every man and his dog goes down. To be honest the SR is a bloody good engine providing you build it right and actually take care of it
  11. Had a bit of time spare today so I got a couple of the intake valves in. The head is spec’d as follows: BC valve springs, BC titanium retainers, BC stainless valves, HKS 264/272 cams step 2 cams, Siruda valve stem seals, HKS adjustable cam gears and VTC removed. I have lightly ported and polished the intake and exhaust ports and it has had a clean up skim.
  12. Decided to clean up the inside or the turbine housing. The turbo is fairly big for a 2 litre so anything to get it to spool a bit faster is a win. Didn’t open it out as one side is a bit closer to the gasket than the other. Ground out the casting marks, smoothed with a sandpaper roll and then used some abrasive mops up to 400 grit. Looks much better than it did originally
  13. Yeh same here, figured it would go well with the blue coil pack cover and blue cam cover washers
  14. Terrible weather and general life has put paid to any welding work so far so I decided to paint the cam cover. Was going purple but I thought metallic gun metal would make the coil pack cover stand out more
  15. I’ve got a race tech stainless manifold on mine I’ve been running that years and it’s never split made from what looks like sch10. I was running an eBay special sub £100 manifold on my s14 for a while with absolutely no issues and judging by the colour of it I’ve had it glowing a few times. I’d give one of those a go, as long as it’s got some bracing/add some bracing to it I can’t see it being an issue
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