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  1. 17’ seems too large for starlet... how about downsizing the disc to fit for 16’?
  2. I found a set of Brembo 4 pot brakes with 305x28mm disc direct fit for AE111. As Starlet can fit levin twin pot without bridges, I am curious whether those 4 pots can direct fit on Starlet as well.Who have done the conversion? Would love to see some example.ThanksJerry
  3. Can I say crank trigger provide higher accuracy than cam position sensor? I remember someone here use only that from Mazda. Other than DTA, what standalone would be recommended? AEM? How about MSD? Is it the separate ignition system that you saying?
  4. How about using a camshaft position sensor instead? I assume it can be located where the sissy was. Ya I am saying emanage ultimate. Some said emanage blue doesn't have 4 outputs So I wonder whether emu would have that. Sorry what is sync trigger??
  5. Dta is not really common in my region.. I afraid that no one know How to set it up.. How about emu? Also is crank trigger a must for the conversion? Thank you!
  6. I want to know whether it is necessary to have crank trigger for the conversion. I saw AEM kit for Honda B-engine use only camshaft position sensor. Out of curiosity can I do the conversion without crank trigger? Or a conversion guide would be highly appreciated. Also what ecu would be recommended for the conversion? It seems most of the P&P do not have four outputs. Thanks in advance. Jerry
  7. It seems that it worth a go for 6 speed. by the way, anyone here had it on their starlet? would love to hear some experience.
  8. It seem the c160 reach lower speed at 7500rpm in each gear. However, I am curious that whether rpm climbs faster due to the 4.529 final gear? If so, can I conclude that, c160 acelerates faster than c52? Let's put the strong/weak thing one side. Just focus on aceleration. 450hp+ seems to be unrealistic to me... Can't imagine how can I make use of that big power.. I would prefer something more practical to drive... let say 200hp? Can c160 manage this hp? It should be real fun to drive with a diff!! Why would you say it's better than cusco? Sorry for many questions. I just want to unders
  9. So obviously the top speed is lower, isn't it? But for quick response, like in corner, is it better than 5 speed? I think of this because of the 4.3 final gear in ae111 box. In my country we can't go really high speed, so I prefer fast aceleration than top end power.
  10. So I did some research on it and can't find what I looking for. Most of the posts refer to g6 instead of ae111. I want to know the difference, in term of performance, between ep82 5 speed box and ae111 6 speed box on a starlet. For street cruises, can I say 6 speed is more practical to use as it revs faster than 5 speed? Even on a Turbo? If I look for response and acceleration, which box should I use (on 4e starlet)? Any opinion is welcome. Jerry
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