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  1. +1 for midland. Liam is a former Starlet owner and a good honest lad. I took my td04 to him for a rebuild and he even suggested for me to not have it done as he didn’t think it was needed. He could of quite easily ripped me off for a rebuild, you don’t get that sort of honesty too often these days!
  2. ashbuxton

    Knock sensor

    Knock Sensor For Toyota Supra Tercel SC300 4Runner Paseo Lexus 89615-22040 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F182621826951 ive just bought one of these. Yes they are Chinese but it has arrived and quality looks decent. Only time will tell if it works and how long it lasts but it does 100% fit if you are in need of one.
  3. ashbuxton

    Knock Sensor

    Anyone got a working knock sensor before I buy one new? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone am looking for a few bits ans bobs.

    Window switches ep82 only


  5. Spotted driving past Heanor Memorial Park this morning on my way to work. Anyone in here?
  6. Interested in this mate as I need to upgrade injectors. Do the adapters make them a direct fit on the standard fuel rail? I’ve heard good things about the spray pattern on the Bosch injectors. Could you send me a link possibly to the ones you bought and the adapters to make them fit please? Seem a great price aswell. Thanks Ashley
  7. Engine and gearbox currently out. Going to tidy up/clean the engine bay and sort any of the little niggly issues before I drop in my forged 5e :-) Ash
  8. FOR SALE Zisco exhaust manifold with v band flanges. Designed for Garrett GT type turbos. Came with my engine but I’m sticking with my wepr hybrid td04 set up so will not be needing this. Nice manifold no signs of cracking or warping and has also been braced to help stop this happening when fitted. £120 no offers Cash on collection preferred from Smalley, Derbyshire but can post if buyer covers postage and PayPal fees. If anyone wants or needs anymore photos don’t hesitate to ask
  9. FOR SALE TRD Clutch & Pressure Plate. Just removed from my engine. Did not slip at all running TD04 at 223bhp and as you can see from the pictures clutch plate still has plenty of life left on it. Can be used with standard release bearing. Very good clutch kit as I’m sure some people on here will agree. Only removed as my new build will be circa 300bhp and I don’t think this will hold at that power. Collection from Smalley, Derbyshire preferred, but can post at buyers expense if necessary. Priced to sell at £130
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