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  1. Hello everyone am looking for a nice splitter/bumper lip for my ep82 could you message and let me know what you have got?
  2. Hi would you be interested in selling the coilovers
  3. Hi everyone, am trying to find a uded set of coilovers must be in mint con
  4. Thanks csn you message me wheb you get the change mate
  5. Does anyone have a link or somewhere to buy these from i need one for td04
  6. I will be checking them out today since a pay day thanks for your replies guys big help
  7. Hi everyone am looking for a few bits ans bobs.

    Window switches ep82 only


  8. Hi am looking for spares

    Bucket seats

    Td04 and manifold

    Uograded suspension

    Front mount

    Anyone with anything to offers please dont hesitate and contact me thanks guys !!


  9. Hi guys I've recently bought a ep82 with the td04 set up with a toyosport manifold. It keeps cracking and was woundering if anyone is selling a betyer manifold and i am also looking for coilovers
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