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  1. Hi all, I have for sale a used 2.5 inch stainless system from my ep82 - fair condition and comes with an R1 back box which has been modified to suit. I did make 308hp on TDs dyno with this on a rolling road day so the system does flow. Reason for sale is I now have a 5E and a custom 3“ 316 system so this has taken its place. £100 collected in Preston Bamber bridge. PM or 07540174879
  2. I seem to be missing something here to use the stock TPS but not 100% sure what it is. can anyone help?
  3. I'm after the whole indicator / wiper stalk assembly for an ep82 - If anyone has one please get in touch! Kind regards Gilly
  4. A freind of mine used one on his fully forged 5E but he fitted it with a bigger comp wheel (billet) from memory it was a 6x6 blade. it made 297 (flywheel) at 1.3 bar boost. people tend to not like holsets and ive no idea why as parts are cheap to get and easy to come across - If you get the right combination holset you won't have any issues. go for it and be different.
  5. Anyone used these?? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Performance-Air-intake-Manifold-inlet-Plenum-for-Toyota-Starlet-4EFTE-EP82-EP91/333496710649?hash=item4da5f3f5f9:g:w5EAAOxyTjNSkx6A Yes i know its from china but ive been looking for an aftermarket inlet for a while and absolutely nothing has come up and would like to get my 5e back on the road. I know Tds sell them but im certainly not in a situation to hand over £699 for one. Any help or reccomendations would be appreciated! Mike
  6. As above, what have people got??? Regards Gilly
  7. Looks good mate, keep the posts coming! Any future plans?
  8. The rear bearings are floating bearings and not pressed so there will be play!! whenever I've stripped EP82 /Ep91 rear brakes I have literally been light on the tightening the hub - being too tight compresses the bearings and could potentially lock the bearing under heat.
  9. Do you have a working washer pump and a working drivers side window regulator??
  10. Gilly

    EP82 Washer Pump

    As above, if anybody has a working EP82 washer pump please get in touch!! Gilly
  11. Do you have a working washer pump available??
  12. Gilly

    Knock sensor

    Any one have a working knock sensor please get in touch via PM! Thanks. Gilly.
  13. Sorry completely shoot me for this but what boost was this at for 391?
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