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  1. As above, what have people got??? Regards Gilly
  2. Looks good mate, keep the posts coming! Any future plans?
  3. The rear bearings are floating bearings and not pressed so there will be play!! whenever I've stripped EP82 /Ep91 rear brakes I have literally been light on the tightening the hub - being too tight compresses the bearings and could potentially lock the bearing under heat.
  4. Do you have a working washer pump and a working drivers side window regulator??
  5. Gilly

    EP82 Washer Pump

    As above, if anybody has a working EP82 washer pump please get in touch!! Gilly
  6. Do you have a working washer pump available??
  7. Gilly

    Knock sensor

    Any one have a working knock sensor please get in touch via PM! Thanks. Gilly.
  8. Sorry completely shoot me for this but what boost was this at for 391?
  9. Gilly

    2x Inlet Valves

    Amazing - you have PM
  10. Gilly

    2x Inlet Valves

    HI all, If anybody has a couple of inlet valves lying around please get in touch via PM. Kind Regards Gilly
  11. Gilly


    Received a crank from Chops from the other end of the country in all perfect condition and as described! Great communication and a pleasure to deal with!! Gilly
  12. I'm also having trouble with this - Need to put something up on the wanted thread but I'm unable to do so because I can't renew my membership
  13. Hi Chops! 

    Extreamley interested in your 5E crank, do you have any pictures of it?  

    If it makes life easier my mobile number is 07540174879 and you could send some over whats app or iMessage? 


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