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  1. I want one of these for my gt advance but I can’t afford it GLWS
  2. Cheers for the responses peeps ! Adjusted this morning and clutch is lovely now . no more lifting my knee passed my ear to get the clutch to bite now to just get her an MOT and back on the road
  3. As in the push rod on the slave cylinder ?
  4. I’ve got 1994 GT advance and when I first got it the clutch had a high pedal and was slipping ! So I swapped it out for a exedy 3 puk paddle clutch with new bearing and I also noticed the slave cylinder was knackered so I replaced that ! But after I done all the work the clutch pedal was still really high ! Has anyone had this issue and what was the cause ?
  5. After a ep82 exhaust system I have a brand new ep91 exhaust system I would want to swap with Near eastsussex ideally
  6. Drop me a message mate might interested
  7. I would never scrap it , if it doesn't sell I'll most likely just find a garage somewhere and chuck it in there only selling it because my dad wants his drive way back
  8. Yea ok interior is £1400 but comes with a free car ... any good ?
  9. Clutch turned up today rang exedy direct with part number and measurements who confirmed it wouldn't fit Rang demon tweeks they're collecting it Monday to then be told the correct clutch I want will £80 +bat more The first clutch £200 inc vat Would never use demon tweeks again
  10. So I ordered a exedy paddle clutch from demon tweeks ( wish I never bothered taken 2months still not here ) And got an email today saying my clutch will be despatced tommorow but on the email it says the clutch is for ep71 2e 200mm will this clutch fit My car is a ep82 GT advance
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