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  1. JIC magic coilovers made in Japan Are these coilovers any good, can only find posts from years ago before it seems they changed them, anyone been using them recently?
  2. Thanks for info guys, does anyone have the oem parts list for the gt or a link? cheers
  3. Max would be 250 but ima not out to chase the power just to keep her on the road for a good few more years still, jus trying to find out what is needed as I've seen the stage one upgrades for sale online and thanks for the list, would never plan on doing it myself, want her on the road lol nice one nick. carl
  4. List of parts to rebuild engine up to 250 bhp?
  5. Looking to get my engine rebuilt, not chasing the power but more to keep her on the road and running. Anyone know who's good in the game and close enough to London?
  6. Best set to get as mine seem to be going often, usually get from euros or midnights. cheers
  7. Buddy also gonna have a dig in the shed, should have the pair somewhere
  8. Has anyone else messed this up, or am I the only stupid one? Lol Carl
  9. The wires have been cut now and my coolant bottle put in its place, which wires would I need to reconnect for the indicators? Not too worried about the rad fan at the mo
  10. Removed my small AC fuse box from engine bay, now my front indicators are not working, what have I done?? Also my rad fan stays on permently when ignition is on, will this be a problem? Cheers Carl
  11. Possible to paint or re condition, mine have seen way better days?!
  12. Trying to dismantle my wing mirror to re paint, but haven't difficulty getting the mirror off, any ideas or know how's? Cheers Carl
  13. carlosd87

    HID kit

    What's the correct bulb fitting for the gt to connect HID up to, I've got a H7 kit here
  14. Has anyone changed the coulour of there coolant bottle/ washer bottle? Spray painted or however?
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