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  1. im breaking a gt mate,im in cumbria
  2. got both but im up north mate,if you get stuck give me a shout.
  3. anyone got any ep82 gt lowering springs?also after a steering wheel in good condition.
  4. what do you mean?i have the headlight but the lens is broke
  5. i seen them,would work out about £500 after tax and duty. i either need the car on the road or need to sell it,i dont have anywhere to keep it off the road.
  6. im in need of a passenger side projector headlight or even a pair,if i cant get hold of one soon i will be breaking the car. its a 1995 mk3 starlet turbo in 199 lucerne silver.
  7. ok,so i just bought a ep82 turbo in silver for £1000,as you can imagine its a bit of a dog at the moment.it needs quite a few parts so im starting with the exterior,bonnet scoop and passenger headlight needed.im also looking for some standard glanza 7 spoke 14" wheels.
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