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  1. I'm after a varis front bumper preferably a good fitting rep as I dont want to be spending millions
  2. stick with 7" et 25 will be fine you will just need to role the lip on the rears
  3. For anyone wanting to do this i believe you use the wired plug coming from the top of the GTR TPS as shown in the picture. if you are using a glanza loom it should be Glanza wiring: SKYLINE R34 GTR TPS BLACK/RED = POWER TO RED = 5V POWER BROWN/WHITE = GROUND TO BLACK = SENSOR GROUND YELLOW/RED = TPS SIGNAL TO WHITE = TPS SIGNAL I will hopefully confirm this is 100% correct soon
  4. cheers mate received your message
  5. There seems to be lots of info on using the skyline variable TPS except the main thing of what wire goes to what. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated i have plugs for both the wired piece on the main plug with brand new pins. Thanks in advance
  6. exactly the same as me mate drove it exactly the same amount haha. im going to try and drive it more this year
  7. ive noticed the time for getting in silverstone is 7am later than usual
  8. Received mine today also. is there a plot map yet?
  9. Guys in america use a BMW idle control valve. A lot cheaper than most options. ive stripped my throttle down and put a gasket inbetween the wax stat and the throttle part. stops any sticking issues and allows you to remove the water lines. My car still idles fine and has cold start idle still.
  10. Just gone through your thread mate some amazing work !!
  11. cheers lads, it was only a slow speed crash and only had bumper damage to the car that slammed on in front of me but it looked a mess
  12. I havent updated this thread in a very long while, in that time the car had a crash and i had to re shell the engine along with everything in it. the car went from being a track orientated build to more of a road going car. i have a lot more updates on my instagram page (@dean2453) and i will be attempting to update on here more as well. this is how the car stands today just waiting on the front bumper.
  13. id of had this if you weren't so bloody far away if its still up for sale in a month (which i doubt) ill deffo make some time to get down to you
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