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  1. Nick you still here ? Yakushi 2021 weekend tomorrow
  2. Whilst I am knocking about I thought I would update the gtr file, she now has a trust graicer skirt and rear spat kit, abflug front lip, fujimura rear spoiler extension blended in and et20 17x10 desmond regamasters. Shes also been fully forged with n1 turbos fitted making a nice 512 at the flywheel
  3. do this lol sorry ive been away for some time and this layout is weird
  4. They make black racing wheels, put a photo up
  5. Cause I want my car back, you don't drive it anymore
  6. This thread gone to sleep now since ive been gone lol
  7. My map on my dc2 allows me to come off throttle and cruise at 100 without vtec.
  8. Ta James You would have a headache and bad back after a long journey especially at 100 Why a k20? Everybody is going k20 now in their dc2’s and it’s not all that tbh. My mate steve has one in his and he can’t get away from me at all especially on circuit. a k series anything would be better for Long journeys mind but it hasn’t got the thrill of a b at all
  9. It's as annoying as someone saying fake Rotas lol

    Random hero

    From cheap battery clamps to my favourite argument of all This conversation gets better and better lol Fake seats and harnesses are for people that love a brand and don't mind dying in their little cars to look like they can afford the real deal Rota wheels are just an insult to genuine wheels, I'm not gonna say they are unsafe as they are tested blah blah blah and all that shit but They're still fake replica shit

    Random hero

    I have so much I wanna say about these traders, the crap Chinese fake parts and the use in haribo as a selling point that I've wound myself up thinking about what to put
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