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  1. As per title, looking for the standard steering wheel for the Glanza. Preferably the 4 branch wheel as opposed to the 3, however it depends on condition and location. Nearer Somerset the better as I wouldn't fancy posting an airbag myself...
  2. Galliano

    5e ecu?

    If it's any use to you I have a 5efe fresh from a Paseo with an ecu, but sadly no looms.
  3. Looks great. I liked the Sportif SR Decals too. What happened to your old wheels? I'd be interested in them if they're for sale.
  4. Liking the little touches to this. Also may well have been me who sold the brochure to you. I'm surprised you didn't buy the press release I had too. Glad it's gone to a good home though.
  5. Has anyone ever done this? I know there's a baking method but can't find any info on it. Any help would be great Cheers
  6. Are you selling the TTE springs and shocks from the SR?
  7. Holding out on a load of hope here. I have a shagged top mount bushing on one of my rear shocks, so thought I'd take this opportunity to swap for a full set of slightly lower springs and shocks in one. I don't want a massive drop, and still want comfort due to doing quite a few miles. Anyone have any?
  8. Wish I could find somewhere local for that! Changed the lambda sensor and still nothing. Hoping I can get some news from diagnostics
  9. If only. I wanna get it done right to be honest. Other than this it's only an advisory on brake lines slightly corroded.
  10. Hi guys. Looking for someone with knowledge in the engine department - preferably fueling. My MOT on the Paseo failed emissions as they are sky high. 0.6* on the CO2 and 452 on the HC. My tester seems to think it is running rich on fuel. Something not telling it to burn enough? Something not sensing the correct amount of air? I had a new exhaust fitted 2 weeks ago. It'd about 4 months old but i had to remove the decat exhaust. I put it in with a cone filter however upon failing, dug out my OE aairboz and brand new filter, but it's still failing on those above figures. I still have the old exhaust, and my tester seems to think maybe the oxygen sensor from the exhaust would help matters. So we will try that tomorrow. Is there any other items to check? Plugs and leads seem tightly in there, but maybe the plugs aren't the correct ones? The car has done 170k on the original engine and has full service history, and he doesn't think it's anything to do with the valve stem seals as it is more air related. Any help would be great. Cheers Sam
  11. Galliano


    Looking for a 4efte, preferably close to standard, with ancillaries. As close to somerset as possible but happy to travel. What's about?
  12. Galliano

    please delete

    I have both front seats in Somerset if you want them. Drop me a text on (OH SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN) 455 0201
  13. This looks like a build to watch. Best of luck buddy, it appears the powdercoating stuff you'll be doing wiill turn this into an absolute minter!
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