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  1. Clocked mine in a couple of YouTube videos from Sunday
  2. M1 TRD white and black, was parked up near some subarus
  3. I'm surprised how little starlets there are now. I only think there was only 4 there including myself.
  4. Only the ones who build them then brake them or sell them jumped ship ;)
  5. Lovely car, but and only a little but here, asking for that kind of money as a buyer I'd expect that bumper and bonnet sorted
  6. If its to fund what I think it is then you gotta break you need all the money you can
  7. break break break, it will kill you to see someone else using it
  8. Have you got yourself a map torch yet???
  9. Could always go to a vinyl sticker shop or sign companys see if they could copy it, you'd probably be best getting them to fit them too if your not confident to
  10. £55 for the pair inc vat from main dealer
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