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  1. My quaife was an absolute nightmare getting the shaft cups out of the diff. It's more than likely just a really stiff fitment, as Phil said above I also had to beat the death out of my shaft to remove it from the box, to the point where I was certain I was going to damage the aluminium gearbox case. Best way to tell if it's the clip is pull the shaft out and remove the clip, if the shaft slides all the way in then you know it's the clip causing your problem
  2. It's holds the tensioned gear in place, needs to be in when fitting.
  3. Not too bad, I've got the billet compressor wheel and a its on full boost around 4-4.5k https://vimeo.com/169344023
  4. Just the same as putting pictures up mate, just add video instead

    EP82 Map Sensor

    I have one off of my GT mate, working perfect just removed as running standalone now. I'll dig it out and get the part number for ya
  6. How loud is yours in the car mate? Tempted now lol! Mine seems louder than it is in this vid, yours much louder? https://vimeo.com/169011579
  7. To be fair I did consider removing the centre as it's virtually silent inside the car! But I didn't want any drone so decided against it.
  8. Open to offers, long shot but looking for some 17" slipstreams to go on the daily Corolla if anybody has some lying around
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