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  1. Need a clutch idea that holds 500hp
  2. Will they fill the fenders of starlet gt nicely? if anyone running the same size please post a pic. thanks
  3. Do they fit under xxr 530 15x8 et25 wheels?
  4. Where can i get anti roll bar polyurethane bush kit and polyurethane drop link bushes to use with trd anti roll bar for ep82?
  5. If i use 16x8 wheels with 205/45/16 tyres is it going to make a performance difference?
  6. What's the best wheel size for performance and looks? 15" vs 16"
  7. 16x7 25 offset on starlet gt any pics? Will they look good?
  8. Will they fit to starlet gt perfectly?
  9. Anyone here using 15" ssr professor ms1r or sp1r?
  10. Thevin

    TRD cluster

    Looking for a trd cluster for ep82.
  11. I bought a walbro 255lph fuel pump few months ago and i installed it yesterday to my starlet gt. After starting up the car fuel pump wiring getting very hot and a loud sound coming from the pump. I know the sound is normal for walbro pumps but the sound coming from pump i installed is too loud and unusual sound. Can anyone help me to find the issue
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