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  1. Awesome - good to see the price drop from 7.5 worked : )
  2. Hey Dean, will send you over for the specs of the two over the next few days. Hope it helps with yours. James
  3. The one I am in talks with I value at a bigger spec than this one, more power and at a better price. Thank you very much for the heads up though - I did have a brief browse over the FB advert. Any more around? ...
  4. Good evening all, Are there any of the high spec forged cars left on this site? Would any of the owners be willing to put a price against them for an enthusiast? Or or anyone wanting to put parts they may have into a shell as a lesser option? I appreciate most may be held onto/turned into motorsport/broken but hoping there may be some around for the right price. Am in talks with one but more options or buying both can never hurt. Thank you James
  5. Great. Can you PM me if anything has changed with spec, price etc as it seems to have been for sale for ages unless I’m reading the thread wrong. thank you - really appreciate it
  6. Hey mate Is this still available please? James
  7. Coming through Totnes Devon, towards Dartington 3 days ago.
  8. I am interested in the above too if you get a chance to PM me
  9. Keep seeing this around and wondered who's it was/where it had come from. Looks great.
  10. Basically just trying to lure/see if anyone wants to part with a good car. 60/70 + Ep82, 85, 91, 95 Unless the rarer of the above forged is definitely preferential but happy to listen to what people have. As a few may remember I have had a few decent examples / forged so please remember this before wasting anytime. Budget not important . Many thanks PM would be great.
  11. + where is it located to help potential buyers?
  12. Really hoping this sells for the OP. It's a shame that as many Japanese car prices are rising steadily the Glanza market still seems to be pretty poor with everyone wanting cheap. It is a bargain at 6k and I know I have looked at this add plenty of times wondering if I can add to my two Evo's + daily drives. If it were my add I would put more pictures and better quality ones up - would also check whether the engine warranty would transfer to the new owner as in many cases it only stays with the person that has paid for it/the invoice is in the name of. James
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