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  1. TRD engine mounts still available for sale ?
  2. not sure i understand https://ibb.co/dbfxna the bracket in the above photo does not line up with the original bracket because of the block hight difference
  3. ok guys curious to know how persons who don`t delete powering steering on their Gts or Glanzas mount the FTE powering pump on their 5E engines ?
  4. can some one please send me a pdf copy of the 5e repair manual i have search the internet with no luck thanks in advance
  5. good day any one have the part numbers for the bolts required to secure the gearbox to the block the 3 17s and the 14
  6. i contacted brooks and they indicated that 75A is the softest they offer 75A is the same as power flex i currently have powerflex and the vibration is crazy
  7. please send pics of FRP for both and prices thanks
  8. is there any one currently supplying JAM or Livesport style Spoiler ?
  9. looking for the plastic clips which hold the parcel shelf for Glanza
  10. the oil pumps are the same with the exception on the location of the oil seal some engine have seal in pump while others have seal in block
  11. i currently have 2 5e heads and need to have one of them rebuilt. problem is i mixed up the cam caps for both would it be an issue if i just pull out a set from the bunch and use in 1 head
  12. not sure if this is the right place to post this topic. just wondering if anyone has installed an Aquamist system in their starlet and would be willing to share the knowledge to help with installation and set up
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