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  1. https://www.toyotagtturbo.com/community/index.php?threads/who-runs-aftermarket-ecus.2718/page-2 may be that tread can be useful about the JAM and other aftermarket ecus
  2. i'll give you my experience. i have an EP91 glanza...it was originally automatic with the 4 pin TPS and 4efte A/T ECU,,, i converted it to manual shortly after buying it and kept the 4 pin TPS and A/T ECU,,,this worked without any issues. at some point afterwards, i bought a JAM M/T ECU and installed, keeping the 4 pin TPS....the car operated/worked without any issues; however, it would give a code for the TPS whenever i ran a diagnostic.
  3. i can give my experiences with regards to my car. on my convert ep91 (automatic to manual)...i was able to run both the stock A/T ecu, the stock M/T ecu and a JAM Racing M/T ecu...the car worked and performed well with each. Now, the two M/T ecus threw the same code...TPS, which was expected, as the automatic EP91 has a variable TPS while the manual EP91 is non-varibale TPS....this code did not seem to affect performance on my car and in my experience
  4. what fuel pump size are you running at the moment? and how old is it?
  5. this is extremely important to remember
  6. i'm not from your region, but i've heard members mention the company Bigg Red over the years for brake caliper repair/rebuild kits...you should be able to get pistons, rubbers, seals, etc from there if you can get the correct part numbers
  7. do you know if the glanza ep91 steering column would be able to connect with the n/a power steering rack? would either the n/a or glanza connecting knuckle joint make a difference in helping with the fitment?--- i see two different types joints in this post...so just wondering...though that post was more concerned with PS vs non-PS, which is not my concern here
  8. does anyone know if the the n/a ep91 power steering rack is interchangeable with the glanza ep91 power steering rack? is it a direct fit, does it require minor mods to work, or will not work at all? thanks for any feedback
  9. i've had the blue 550/565cc subaru injectors in since 2018...no issues at all they usually sell very cheap on the subaru/sti forums...a used set cost me around US$100 + shipping back then, so may be around gbp100 if you get lucky PS--if you go this route, PLEASE make sure you get genuine ones, they are a LOT of fake cheap chinese ones on ebay
  10. subaru sti 550/565cc injectors also work (pink or dark blue) and have a nice spray pattern you will need to remove two of the black plastic pieces that are used as spacers on the fuel rail, as they are a little shorter than the stock injectors this is an option if you can get them cheap
  11. https://www.toyotagtturbo.com/community/index.php?threads/goldenvtr-how-it-began-deffo-not-56k-friendly.2902/ scroll about 2/3 down this page and look at the 2 dyno graphs --4efte/td04l and 5efte/tdo4l
  12. it depends on what the owners want from the car...the stock td04l/5e can make decent power for a daily and have a nice power band...can start with the cheap tdo4l and always upgrade later on if required
  13. having personally run a td04l on a 5e, i'd say go with that, it was a great daily drive...lots of response and torque for the stock rev limit (7200 rpm). you get spool early 2000/2500rpm, decent boost by 3000/4000rpm...and tapers off around 5500/6500 rpm in time for the limiter to kick in....it feels like a much improved monster version of the stock 4efte/ct9 set up if you plan to rev to 8,000/9000 rpm on the forge 5e, then the stock td04l is not for you based on the description of the tf035, i'd say the td04l is better suited to the 5e out of the two
  14. this was used in the earlier days, especially in jamaica. i'm not sure if its still popular now the acis intake manifold is a decent option if you set it up properly
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