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  1. can you ream out the holes on the bracket a bit to give you tome wiggle room?
  2. that part is important, residual oil in the exhaust and intake piping could lead to some smoking for a little while, but should clear up after a drive.
  3. maybe you can get a local exhaust shop to customize the piping to fit a similar size universal box in the space
  4. i'm not too clued with electronic stuff, but sam44 seems to know a bit about this area....if further advice is needed, then i'd suggest you drop Stu and RobSR peronsal messages
  5. its looking good...😎 could i make a suggestion?! could you consider putting some sort of rubber/silicone protection between the top tank of the radiator and the the car/chassis metal piece just in front of it? it looks quite close and may touch during hard driving....these aluminium radiators are quite soft and could easily develop a hole
  6. http://www.toyotagtturbo.com/community/index.php?threads/fmic-comparisons-king-thread.20735/ lots of information in there regarding fmic intercoolers there---seems some of the pictures are missing i personally run a greddy fmic for the ep91, which allows a/c, p/s, stock radiator, etc. to be kept in place, but i'm not sure if these still sell or have been discontinued try WEPR
  7. i moved my bottom pipe on the civic radiator to match the stock hose position and it works fine that way. i know others that just ran the civic radiator as it is (just pulled the stock bottom hose across and pushed it on) and they ran fine with no issues so it seems either way, there are no issues once the coolant flows properly (no hose kinks, etc)
  8. vf28, vf34, vf35, one of these preferably or good old td05......forget the vf22 (laggier than the others mentioned)
  9. personally, i'd stick with WEPR as they work directly with the ep91/82 and can make custom kits---seeing you are going with a top mount ct9
  10. is oil on all the plugs? yeah, may be get a compression test done, it will give your some indication of the pistons, pistons rings, headgasket health on each cylinder oil seems to be reaching the cylinders somehow and is making it to the combustion cycle---this can also come from the valve stem seals leaking, but unlikely to be leaking in all 4 cylinders
  11. check the ICV and automatic choke, sounds like either may be giving some issues i'm not sure where these are located on a n/a starlet....on the turbo model the ICV is on the left side of the intake manifold, while the automatic choke is under the throttle body
  12. as well, did you hook back up the vacuum hose that runs to the MAP sensor? any diagnostic codes?
  13. 04947-33020 try a search with that part number and see what you find
  14. how old is the wideband sensor? fuel pump/wiring/relay failing? do you have any engine diagnostic codes? at 6psi the stock ecu should be well rich wit that set up
  15. that's the only 5e manual i know of online
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