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  1. Hi All, Hope you are all well and safe - Can anyone point me in the direction for a Brake Master Cylinder for my EP91 Glanza-V please? I have been looking online, nowhere seems to stock them. Why is it they are impossible to get hold of? Any tips etc muchly appreciated - thanks
  2. Hello mate - just wondering if you had a brake master cylinder available in working condition ? Let me know :) Thanks
  3. Would anyone be interested in buying this. Just looking at what interest i would have atm. I dont have the time to finish it completely. It would be pretty much finished just needing a map. Anybody interested with a serious cash only offer - let me know. Be interested to see what people think its worth.
  4. Yes mate - literally haven't had the time nore money until recently. It'll be out this year for sure. Rob - Who do you recommend for mapping bud?
  5. Rob/Simon, Got any carbon stuff made up ? Thanks
  6. So after a long time of this being neglected - the work has continued. Things to do; Finish installing windows New Water Lines for TD05 New Wheels - Ordered Tidy up interior Re-Map (Suggestions) And then hopefully, we are good to go ! Where has everybody been getting there Glanza's Mapped recently and what sort of results are we looking at ? Are TD still the top dogs? Thanks People
  7. Whitenoize can i ask who did these for you and how much. PM me bro./ Tar
  8. MK is always good on a sunday tbh. Was up the "cruise" other night in my mates R33 GTR making noise ahaha
  9. So typical they come up before payday. I have a set of the anodised ones, they are pretty battered and just wanted to replace them. If you cant sell them then get in touch and we'll see if we can sort something. Tar
  10. Seen this thing on the road and it was a complete animal. I bet this thing on track is intense !!
  11. I've got my kit to plumb in when i get around to it. Not after any stupid gains just want to keep them Intake temps as low as possible.
  12. Get buying Im pro at spending money so let me order you everything 350hp build again? =p
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