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  1. Like it! Just order some torque's for my T Sport in same colour! Seems to be the wheel of choice for Corolla owners. What size tyres did you go for? Still undecided for mine? I also have some Apex springs to fit on mine, really well priced and heard nothing but positive reviews, maybe worth looking at those to sort the ride height out! If you ever sell the TTE backbox let me know!
  2. I will buy my tickets though here and order a stand pass as they are a little cheaper. I will just park at track time as I don't have the Starlet anymore but have some track time booked in the Corolla. So if anyone needs a stand pass after the deadline I will have a spare one, if not you will have a bit more space.
  3. lol I was in the same session and mine were / still are exactly the same! Could hear them coming loose and flying off all the way home from Japfest!
  4. I thought it was great, I watched a few BTCC vids the day before so I had a decent idea of the layout, didn't realise just how fast the corner onto the old pit straight was though! My tyres were pretty much beat after a few laps though, went off really quick and then picked up so much crap from the drift cars.
  5. Here is mine, 11:40 session. I am no track day hero, anything that came up from behind I just moved out of the way! At one point some guys went into the pits and I wasn't sure if I had missed a flag so I slowed down massively. I did overtake some Honda's though! Need to do more track days as it is super fun! I also left the drive back to the stand on so you can see some Starlet's if you get that far! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__DhF8oVsE0
  6. As if you had such bad luck Amjad! No red flags on the session I was in thankfully! Really enjoyed it, will upload my on board video at some point today although I did get overtaken by pretty much everything, I am no racing driver, that has become quite clear to me!
  7. It is at the bottom of the add: Price and final note Given that the car has been well maintained on the inside and out, the price I am asking for is £4200.
  8. Damn didn't realise we had to meet this early! Seems anything car / motorsports related starts super early. See you at J27!
  9. I called them today about missing track time tickets, they said they will be ready for email today / tomorrow! Not well organised at all this year!
  10. Just thought I should update this with some new images as the original ones are now over a year old although it looks exactly the same. The pictures below were taken today. On a side note I had the car out today for a good run, mainly to keep everything moving and to make sure everything is still running as it should be. I can honestly say this car runs perfect, having not properly driven it for a while I forgot just how nice it is to drive, new owner will not be disappointed. Also if the car has not sold by next weekend I will be taking it to Japfest so it will be there if anyone want
  11. No they are still as per the original advert. Updated the main advert with current mileage and MOT expiry.
  12. Update So after not selling the car I ran it for a further 4 months. During that time the input shaft bearing failed on the gearbox so it has had a second hand gearbox fitted since the original advert. It was then taken of the road at the end of February as a purchased a family car to handle the daily drive and didn't need to keep this on the road. Whilst off the road I replaced all the fuel lines in the engine bay, changed the rear discs, pads and bearings and the rear gearbox mount. I then put it back on the road a few weeks prior to Japfest 2. During the queue into Japfest the t
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