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  1. Finally got the pictures from SCS on to my computer And just went on a run at the weekend to ballater and then on to Braemar and home again, lovely drive with some nice views and roads full of bikers!
  2. Cameron Rae 07983027803 Sorry got a new phone so can't work out how to copy and post the link!
  3. So who is creating the group? If there was a meet I might show face myself
  4. So the weekend of scottish car show had dawned which is the only big show that I have really been too and believe it not the mostly standard civic was on an inside stand all weekend so had to clean like I've never cleaned before to make it look presentable. Also before I went i fitted a spoon sport style gear knob and an alcantara gear gaiter (not pictured) as the old one was peeling at a meer 46K! Some rolling shots from the way down and the final hotel pic with half of Team Torque Was a good run down the road and surprisingly car got some attention (probably other civic owners)
  5. I'd like to think it's Toyota testing the demand by just making a limited quantity to start with as they haven't made a hot hatch in a while or they are just flexing proving that they still can
  6. So I put on some little dress up parts last night starting with these little door latch covers with the honda badges on them Some dust caps, massive build I know Now for the more interesting part I fitted the HKS panel filter, mjc automotive dress up kit for the slam panel and super gt oil cap liking the silver so have went on a silver theme under the bonnet. Before and after pictures of the bay. Looks much better imo, sorry for the not very interesting posts I'm moving out so money is a tad tight so I've been buying nice little bits, still some more to go on poss
  7. The scottish scene needs meets etc. to come alive, it would be easy enough to meet at crail and maybe some show and shines, a stand at scs maybe? If there was a bunch of local lads cars and coffee would be a good idea.
  8. I took her up to Inverness show and shine over the weekend, spent a good while cleaning it and removing little scratches, felt good getting all my detailing stuff out again and getting the car as clean as I could, the car performed brilliantly all weekend and it was a good run up there. back at work and a few of my goodies have arrived alongside my falken ZE914's which I have heard people rate. A little sneak peak
  9. It's a sore one! but the Corolla was the same
  10. Ah the humble d series, Got to say I'd rather have an ek9 than this or a dc2 but doing 15-20k a year I think I made the right choice for a nice daily
  11. Yeah it did get a bit, expected from Corolla Club though no hate on here so far! Haha true hopefully they don't stoop as low in value as an ep3 anytime soon Ordered a few goodies for her today, stay tuned
  12. Thanks guys, she's a cracking car to drive, UK insurance is just 3 pound more than the Corolla for me!
  13. So after chucking hundreds every month at the T-sport and it still going wrong and staying pretty much standard I decided I needed to get rid of it as it was costing me far too much money to try and keep it running and driving well. At first I thought I might go for a Corolla again as they are good cars but I didn't want to end up with the same problems again so I started looking at an ep3 because it essence it was the same idea but a better car out of the box but I struggled to find a decent example and when I did the seller wanted between 7-8k for it. Whilst I was still looking for an ep3 an
  14. Don't know if this is still the case but when I had my Starlet the Scottish scene was absolutely dead, I went to a Starlet meet and only two turned up! SCS is also a joke with only a few Starlets not sure if it's just a lack of owners in Scotland but the fact that no admin/mod up here (that I know of) might have something to do with it, If there was someone here with some sort of higher up position holding monthly meets, runs to crail etc. might get more people interested as japfest and JAE are a long way away for us lot, monthly meets could also attract new owners with no idea that there is a
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