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  1. Just to make clear peeps, these fit over the standard kph dial face and won't work with different mph dial faces.
  2. actually will consider both climate control and non if people have either, as long as they are real cheap
  3. Hi everyone, After a glanza and a GT (if they are different) heater control panel. I literally just need the face part not the control gubbins and ideally as cheap as possible please Many thanks, Jason
  4. Item For Sale: Stainless Steel Dial kit for Glanza (with the standard kph dial face) Item Condition & Description: Brand New, Stainless Steel Dials for Glanza. I have 3 of these kits available after a recent group buy i run on another forum. There are currently only about 7 of these sets out there at the moment so not loads of them about. They are designed to fit over the standard kph dial face and line up perfectly with the standard dials. They are precision etched from 0.25mm stainless steel and the quality is spot on. They are designed to fit over the needles for ease of fitting (the only needle that needs to come off is the fuel needle). This means that you don't have to faf about trying to get the needles on in the correct place. They come will full fitting instructions. The few people that have these fitted in their cars will tell you how good they look. Price: £55 posted to UK Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal or bank transfer, shipping is included in the price. Any questions just ask. Jason
  5. There are currently about 4-5 sets in existance hence why those on ebay are so much. They look very similar to stock lit up as the light is still aimed towards the driver. You just get a slight shine off the stainless. They look good though, not over the top but almost like a dealer extra.
  6. Hi Peeps, Im looking at running a GroupBuy for the Glanza V stainless steel dial conversion but need to know if its ok to run a groupbuy on the forum and if so would people be interested??? Also not really sure what section to post this in??? There are currently only a few people that have these and they are not available from anywhere else. If the numbers are good then the price will be around the £50 mark. They come with full fitting instructions and only the fuel needle needs to be removed to fit them. The rest of the needles can stay in place as they fit over the needles while they are in place. They fit over the existing standard dial faces and will only fit the standard kph dials that are in the galnza from factory. Here is a picture of what they look like unfitted. I will get some fitted pictures up shortly..... Any questions then just ask peeps. Jason
  7. Mini Update. Just confirmed prices with shotblasting firm and looks like its going ahead. Will be dropping it off for its first shotblast session when im back from my holidays in a few weeks then i can finish the final welding and then its powdercoat time! Really can't wait to get rid of the shite red colour once and for all!!!! Jason
  8. Thanks Guys Shaun, hopefully going back together will be straight forward but im sure i will forget something or need to change something. Most of the parts can be powdercoated and i can dremel off the excess but some parts will need masking up to keep the powdercoat out. Work will stop on this for 2 weeks while im on holiday but will be pushing ahead with it when im back in the uk. Jason
  9. Ha. Thanks Hou. Slow progress but progress none the less. Heart is going good, as in im still alive so i guess it must be working. Turned out to be a titanium vlave and not a carbon one in the end. Jason
  10. So Monday and tuesday i spent the day stripping down the rest of the frame and getting the engine removed. Didn't take too long as most of the work was already done. I got the brackets welded for the frame for the oil cooler also, plan is to leave this off for the moment and add it at a later date with a side duct that brings in air to it. Its sort of behind the driver at the rear (right near the oil filter) but will be boxed in when finally added. Continued to strip everything off the chassis and now i am just left with the frame itself. I still have some welding and cleaning up to do before it goes to powdercoat but its getting to be a bit of a mission removing the old powdercaot to sort the welding. Been thinking about getting the whole thing shotblasted and then looking at the welding but it seems quite expensive to get it all blasted. Anyway this is how it currently looks.......... As you can see it is now just down to the chassis with nothing else left on it. Really hope it goes back together easy. The plan is to do the chassis a satin black colour then all the wishbones/hubs etc will be lime green. Still in 2 minds if i should do the wheels grren or leave them silver in colour??? Im off on holiday for a few weeks but when i get back the plan is to crack on with this in between all the other jobs i have. Jason
  11. If stevie wonder had a glanza.............
  12. Still working at this a little in the background. Been making a few brackets for mounting oil cooler, nosecone etc. Im planning on being at the workshop tomorrow and most of Tuesday to get most of the welding done on the frame and hopefully get the engine out. With any luck the frame should be almost ready for powdercoating soon. After next week im taking a well earned break and flying off to warmer shores for 2 weeks but hopefully crack on with it when i return and it shouldn't be too long before the frame is finally all one colour and then i can start the final build!!!!!! Will hopefully add a few pictures in the next few days but im pretty busy, and i also need to find time to pack the suitcase...... oh, and im just about to start the planning application for the double garage/workshop so the little beast will finally have a perminant home! Jason
  13. Great project this. Keep up the good work buddy, watching this and waiting for the swap to take place. With regards to the clutch cable setup you should be able to use the starlet slave cylinder then something like a land rover master cylinder and a custom made clutch line. Thats what i have used on my project. Works a treat.
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