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  1. Just looked at the unit. Just enough room to restore the car. Slight leak in roof. So I will be fixing the leak. doing some wiring. then I can start on the car!
  2. Looking at the unit tomorrow after work. I am very excited. Nice 2 car unit. plenty of room to restore the car and have a nice little work bench. On another note some of the parts I have collected have come and since I lasted spoke about parts I have found some epic stuff. I got some brand new march rubber floor matts, brand new oem plastic wind deflectors and oem metal wind deflectors. I got the following coming from japan. The march turbo, super turbo and R had an insane options list. mainly performance parts made my nismo. I have managed to bag one of the rarest options going. The optional nismo roll cage. Its only a little half cafe which allows you to have a full interior but its just so cool that a cage was an optional extra. Managed to get myself a nismo strut brace as well
  3. Update: Been collecting more parts. On another note. I finally got a unit! 2 car unit, plenty of room to restore a car. should be moving in in the next few weeks So I can finally get work done!
  4. Same here I love them. Reason why its taken priority over the daihatsu. Just waiting on the import costs for the cage at the moment which I am not looking foward to. Also pretty sure I will be buying a camera and doing vlogs of the build. Just something I have always wanted to do.
  5. yeah massive collection mate. got a whole garage of just parts. well the Restoration is put on hold for awhile as i need to clear the garage out before i can restore the shell in it.
  6. Just more part collecting. Managed to source an original optional extra roll cage for the car. Just a half cage which is designed to work with the full interior and still take passengers in the rear. Just another cool optional extra for the car.
  7. Going to be a long few months. Trying to source as many brand new parts as possible. So far within uk as its cheapest but UK dealers are useless as they throw most of it away. So far I have headlights, side repeaters, windscreen seal, wishbones, front wheel bearings, rear hub with bearings, rear drums with shows and pulsar caliper rebuild kit. I have found this amazing website which is linked with dealers in japan. Means I can get every last part for the March even down to the original warning/info stickers. Heres what I plan to buy. window seals, weather strips inside and out, roof strips with caps, rear window seal, march spec rear lights, march spec side repeaters, march turbo mid spoiler, original march turbo decals/labels, front indicators and any other little bits I got missing. Here is the website. They do gt turbo and glanza parts as well. https://www.epcdata.ru/ Also got new wheels! 4x114.3 so I plan to redrill the rear drums/hubs and use adapters on the front. Already managed to source brand new metal centre cap labels. Also here is a picture of the car back when it was in Bulgaria. Before it had the worlds worst respray. Here is what the stripe on the side of the car looks like. So chuffed that I can still get it new. Also picked up two very rare sets of optional extra wind deflectors. first set are stainless steel which I already got, these are very early ones. Second set are the later ones but still march turbo era and were an option. They are plastic and cover the whole window like a normal wind deflector. These are currently awaiting import.
  8. Jesus havnt updated in awhile. march is completely stripped. Was going to put everything on the donor but I have decided to fully restore the donor shell and get it sprayed white.
  9. Need front and rear 82/91 suspension with top mounts. can be anything in any condition. ideally cheap as possible. its just to keep a shell rolling. Thank you, Scott.
  10. Sorry for not updates just been mega busy. just ordered some impul wheels. 14x6 20et front, 14x7 10et rear. fronts is having 10mm 114.3 adapters and the rear drums/hubs are getting redrilled to 114.3
  11. Not much has been happening with this. Been waiting to get it into a unit before I start serious work. Although I finally payed the shipping to get my spoiler. cost silly money. I am really happy with it. Its a J-mode spoiler.
  12. Not much progress. I became ill which I put down to me working in the freezing cold outside on this bloody thing. The engine and loom is out. Plan on fitting it all sometime next month.
  13. Didnt get anything done due to rain. Apparently its raining tomorrow as well! Boo.
  14. Also sat here thinking that the engine is quite high millage and I dont know its history. May do a whole top end rebuild, regrind the valves (may get bigger valves), port match all the ports on the head and manifolds. Or the sake of £400 I can buy a whole new engine and rebuild that with new internals.
  15. Only pictures I got mate. Was quite dark when I finished. Was hoping to get more done. I know the wiring loom in Micra K10s are simple and not much to them but I still wanted to take the time and label any wire that I might question where it goes. presume you were part of the MSC at one stage?
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