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  1. _shaun_


    Yea I run a s80 there great ecu's. If there's anything you'd like to know prob easier messaging me on facebook - shaun finnigan
  2. I'll check if the scraps been lifted tommorow.
  3. Take a picture of the bracket mate I dunno if there the same on the gt to glanza
  4. Sounds good to me mate I'll look them out just let me know if you need anything else loads of stuff here.
  5. I've got crank pulley bolt and thermohousing. Can post them or bring to jae
  6. I was gonna run mine with no dash when it was out but for how little the dash weights it does keep it looking tidy. I'll grab a pic of mine later I've just got my new fuse box where the radio was. Switches where the heater controls where and kill switch in the ashtray part.
  7. id just rescue this asap mate and get it to Chris he will take care of it for you!. What management are you running? If your kicking about while he works his Magic give me a shout I'll pop down in mine.
  8. If you've ever stuck idworkz can source any spare parts for the struts aswell they. Prices were actually pretty reasonable
  9. ive got 2 sitting one needs rebuilt the other should be fine dunno if there any use.
  10. You got facebook mate. Pal will prob take brakes off you but he's not on here
  11. I've got a eo1 for sale on eBay right now would take an offer on it
  12. Item For Sale: arp headbolts Item Condition & Description: used for one torque down but engine spun a bearing and was stripped, sat in box since. plenty of people reuse them but down to personal preference Price:£70 delivered ono Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: to be arranged
  13. Item For Sale:zisco 6 point rear strut Item Condition & Description: used but in very good condition. will foul agaisnt my cage so would rather sell it than cut it up to get it to fit Price:£300ono these are £360 brand new from zisco with a few weeks lead time. Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: to be arranged with buyer
  14. Needs to be kept mate. But if you come to sell it you will really need to get it moted if not some Idiots are just going to use that as an excuse to low ball fuck out you.
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