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  1. Just a thought but if I remember correctly there is a earth lead that bolts on the inlet manifold on the left side where the idle control valve is and that earth point is important so maybe try have a look there
  2. Its a stage 2 lump but i got them to run it in aswell and i use it daily and have done for 4 years straight. Don't get that clutch there crap I've had problems with that one with the friction plate and the springs in it so replaced it with orc 309 item but other than that, it's the most reliable engine I've ever had
  3. I have a tuning developments forged engine run in by them and still going strong 4 years later and 30,000 odd miles and no problems.
  4. Yeah I know exactly what you mean because I have the same and it's killed my gearbox, i don't .ike these clutches there shite
  5. I've got my engine done by tuning developments 3 years ago and have had zero problems with but I did get them to run it in though ☺
  6. Looking for decent clutch if there's any about? As my crappy spec 6 puk crap has let go
  7. I'll second that, if I known it would be like that I would of got a orc or or os giken instead. I'm not really a fan of spec clutches now
  8. Try eBay bud I did see a blitz nur spec s on there yesterday
  9. Funny you say that I did wonder that but one thing I did notice is if I turn the fuel pressure down it helps but I'm just thinking now to get the map tweaked
  10. Saying that I'm running a apexi pfc and 430cc injectors
  11. Unfortunately I'm not, but I can sent it if needed also it is the non lsd bellhousing that you need?
  12. Does your engine her the most when it's 2000rpm or lower? because that's when mine does it
  13. I've got 1 bud already apart yours for £20
  14. Id be interested in this because I have the exact same problem n I've swap the o2 sensor and tps aswell but cant get to the bottom of it but my last option is to get my mapped tweaked. Il be keeping a eye on this post
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