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  1. two spoilers are they for sale if so how much pal ?


  2. I am looking for standard size wheels studs for p91 if anyone has any i need front left and right sets
  3. hi mate i need the wheels studs standard size if you have them?
  4. Does anyone have the standard hub bolts for a glanza I need all 4 corners do 16 bolts in total
  5. I can't upload or message you mate? Drop me a WhatsApp 07890597092
  6. Hi Ashep91, Could you send me some pictures of the jam ecu? You could send them to my e-mail pietje_3@hotmail.com

  7. The smaller the core the less efficient? Or does it rely on the design of the core? I personally like the stencil aslong as it goes with the colour theme of the pipes can look pretty cool
  8. Am open to sensible offers guys prices are negotiable
  9. Item's & Pricing For Sale: Unfortunately due to buying a new house and having no space or time with moving and career change i am having to break my 97 plate glanza. Its a sunroof model which are getting rare and i am the first owner of the car from japan when i brought it about 7 years ago roughly. its in my build thread and i have a lot of very good spec parts on it and as you can see from my build thread 90 percent of these parts were simply taken out of the box put on the car and never run on the road with so pretty much brand new. I have priced the parts bearing in mind most are like
  10. So I've miss placed my Allan key for my tial wastgate does anyone know what size it
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