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  1. Imo just use a standard gasket. I'm going to assume your getting the car mapped and your not aiming for a high comp build, if that's the case you won't notice much difference off boost with lower comp as the mapped will add more timing down low to compensate the lower cylinder pressures. Obviously this only works to a certain extent but once your using a set of pistons that are readily available the lowest cr you'll have is 7.5:1. Obviously this is all guesstimation but in my opinion your fine with standard.
  2. I have them here off a car going for scrap. You can have them for the price of postage if you need them.
  3. 140 is ok for a fresh built low comp engine. But cylinder 1 may be an issue. Why where you doing a compression test? Any reason? If not it may just be that the rings in that cylinder need a little more time and some load.
  4. I actually didnt think of that hahahaaha
  5. I used to pull 50 deg on my Det3 because race car
  6. Disconnect the solenoid and run wastegate pressure until you can get back to your tuner. That's the safest option.
  7. Unless its a dedicated track car, dont bother. Drums are a much better setup on our starlets. You will just give yourself a headache trying to get the handbrake to lock, stop the calipers from seizing etc...
  8. Welcome! Plenty of irish members on here Where abouts in Dublin are you from? Id often be up around swords and skerries
  9. I have a helical diff from an ae111. Fits right in once you bolt your crown wheel to it. Much better than the oem starlet lsd which is clutch type
  10. When removing I prefer to use an m10 and a hammer. That way they don't strip the heads and cause more problems. Your replacing them anyway so it doesn't matter.
  11. Wish id known you where selling this lol would have done a swap 😀
  12. Do you know what is a bolt in engine. A 4af carb engine from an old carina. Mounting points are the same position so just bolt on starlet mounts.I haven't tried it but have seen it in an ep70
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