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  1. If you want to keep it standard you can leave the fuel and ignition tables at 0. Just setup the configuration for inputs, outputs and ignition
  2. Yes it will work you just need to setup and pinouta switch or button for activation. They don't come with a base map. They come completely blank. If you don't know or understand that your best off bringing it to a tuner. If your adamant on doing this yourself then your going to have to hit Google and YouTube along with the Ecumaster manual. It's full on useful information.
  3. You need to setup the config on the DET3 for it to run. Single Wire Retard will be used for ignition setting.
  4. Cut pin 6 (IGT) on Connector 1 Cut pin 4 (PIM) on connector 1 Det 3 ignition IN goes to the ECU side of the IGT wire Det 3 ignition OUT goes to Engine side of the IGT wire Det3 Analogue IN 1 goes to Engine side of PIM wire. Det3 Analogue OUT goes to the ECU side of the PIM wire. Then just connect switched power and earth to the DET 3. Your done.
  5. Nice work! Seems you have the same size intercooler as myself. Its such a perfect fit, I dont know why people havent done it before. I noticed the Eluto gauge. How do you find it? I have 3 of them here but havent tried them yet.
  6. Yeah I bought the turbo like 2 years ago, covid hit, I didn't do much until recently. Found Matt's videos alright and it does go well. I have just bought another turbo though so I'll see which one I like more when it's running. No build thread yet. I will throw one up at some point. Forged, ORC clutch, 1.5 way LSD and will be running on a Speeduino UA4C. All parts are spread out yet, nearly time to assemble. We did up the turbo kit, rad, mounted intercooler and made up the piping all in preparation.
  7. That is a China Maxspeedingrods Td05 20g
  8. Are you building an EP80 or EP90? if its an EP90... I have the perfect size intercooler for keeping it hidden, but also maximising the space. Size: 450X300X76mm
  9. The det3 is the better option if your just 4efe turbo. Get one with the built in map sensor and also use a 4efte map sensor and 4efte injectors. The det3 can clamp the analogue signal, but with the 4efte map sensor you wont have to worry about it. If you need any help getting it running I can remote in and set it up so you can drive it safely to get it mapped.
  10. Imo just use a standard gasket. I'm going to assume your getting the car mapped and your not aiming for a high comp build, if that's the case you won't notice much difference off boost with lower comp as the mapped will add more timing down low to compensate the lower cylinder pressures. Obviously this only works to a certain extent but once your using a set of pistons that are readily available the lowest cr you'll have is 7.5:1. Obviously this is all guesstimation but in my opinion your fine with standard.
  11. I have them here off a car going for scrap. You can have them for the price of postage if you need them.
  12. 140 is ok for a fresh built low comp engine. But cylinder 1 may be an issue. Why where you doing a compression test? Any reason? If not it may just be that the rings in that cylinder need a little more time and some load.
  13. I actually didnt think of that hahahaaha
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