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  1. Hi crispyeel, I’m looking at a Glanza for sale on Facebook. Just looking through because I know the car is from Scotland. Is it your old car? It looks like your profile picture. 

  2. Not showing active users at the bottom of the main forum page either chaps?
  3. Go my stickers too. Thanks very much, they look awesome
  4. Don't think I've seen your motor about? Only seen a black one with a FMIC
  5. Hi mate. Depends on how desperate you are but I'll have an exhaust available soon Stainless Japspeed cat back system. Average to good condition with very slight tearing at the flexi section but not blowing Let me know if your interested ps. typical as I skipped my EP91 seats about two months ago
  6. Few updates & a wee checky mid week bump Only the CT12 hybrid and the ramhorn manifold setup left (although the manifold is reserved pending payment)
  7. I'm from Dalkeith and been a pretty active member for a couple of years now. Glad to see that there are still some active Scottish members I'm sure I've seen a few of you guys up at Crail for Banzai last year. I parked up next you a line of starlets My car is off the road just now and going through a monster forged 5E build but should hopefully be back on the road in a few weeks I'm happy to be part of a group Whatsapp chat if that's the general consensus? Cheers Neil
  8. Spotted a white Glanza V this morning about 7.30am heading eastbound on the mate near Livingston Think it had a black bonnet but all I really saw was the large rear spoiler
  9. fast picture upload Picture of wastegate as requested. No cracks
  10. Why? Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  11. Item For Sale: Standard CT9 turbo Item Condition & Description: Good condition. One stud missing at intercooler side. No leaks or smoke. Removed from my own EP91 when changing to CT12 Price: £80 inc postage to uk Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Courier. Paypal (Fees covered by buyer) or bank transfer
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