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  1. Merry Christmas! (ish) I still having gotten it running. I’m currently stuck with unbolting the turbo from the manifold. Have you done this before? I have trouble undoing the two nuts on the engine side. I use a regular 14mm spanner and I’m not strong enough to undo it 😂. I couldn’t find a pipe to fit the spanner for more torque. Have you got any suggestions or ideas?
  2. Hmm I don’t think I have seen your Starlet then. Do you know if there are specific torque specs for when I bolt the new turbo back onto the manifold? How much should I torque the bolts on the manifold/ catalytic?
  3. Aha, I saw a silver Glanza V parked on Chelsea Street with a sticker on the windscreen like the one in your profile pic! Yes, the exhaust will still be spinning the turbo but if the compressor side isn’t connected to the engine than no broken bits should be going into the engine causing further damage theoretically. I’m only driving it from Bishopdale to Burwood then it’ll be parked there until I source a turbo for it. What do you mean it turns pear shape?
  4. I might have seen your Starlet! Do you keep it in Linwood? Do you think it would be safer to take the charged pipe off so the air doesn’t go through the turbo? But this would mean running the car without an air filter in Christchurch which could be just as bad if not worse.
  5. Hello from the bottom of the world! I have recently purchased a 97 Glanza V with 160xxxkms with a blown turbo for half the price of a normal one. The turbo makes a whining noise like a blown turbo should, and the owner was still running the car. He said the journal bearing gave out, so bits of the blade and metal flakes shouldn't have entered the engine. Right? This will be the first turbo vehicle that I have owned so my knowledge is quite limited! So, the question is, how bad would driving the car home be? The speed limit on the roads I'm taking do not exceed 50km/h. So is it f
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