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  1. Item For Sale: Starlet EP82 Waterproof/Breathable Car Cover Item Condition & Description: Starlet EP82 'Cover Your Car' Stormforce 4 layer waterproof & breathable car cover. Used condition I used it on my ep91 sr for a few months but sold the car shortly after. This is suited to fit ep82, I had it on my SR so will fit SR & sportif ep91 models. If your car has a aftermarket bodykit or large spoiler etc etc this will not fit or may be short on back/front bumper. No rips or tears, two straps in tact to keep it from flapping around. As new condition. Price: £120 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Price includes courier shipping. Buyer must add paypal fees. UK mainland only. Dispatched within 3 working days.
  2. can't renew my membership could a mod or admin fix it for me
  3. Heat wrap won't be efficient if you don't wrap everything all the way to the back box....otherwise the heat will escape at the nearest part of exhaust system that isn't wrapped, making it pointless. but if you do it for looks or to protect another part inside the bay then i would say do it
  4. I was gutted when the last episode was coming to an end.... "What am I going to watch now!?!!?!?!?!" *sobs*
  5. Why semi-synthetic? Oil-man from opie oils recommends fully synthetic for both 4efe and 4efte engines
  6. Is that in the actual rim!? How did that happen
  7. Hi, I am sure you will find some explanation on here yes. But, You say you have restored cars and built another, but can't replace a suspension coil/spring on a starlet? That's probably one very basic job for someone like yourself is it not?
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