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  1. yes it keeps showing up a regulator alright but the oem part number is the same on my dead alternator and on JP-carparts.com for official Toyota parts it says the part number is a alternator Assembly the link you put up looks the same mine is a 3 pin plug and i could always swap pulleys from my old one its just the mounting positions i be worried about have you put that linked alternator on a 1.5 diesel starlet or just the ep91 that it says its for? also mine is a np90 so the glanza shape diesel starlet
  2. My alternator has died and i was wondering if you all will be able to recommend a business to recondition it for me or find a replacement I took it to a local auto electron and he said the rotor is gone in it and cant do anything with it It is out of a toyota starlet 1.5 diesel 1998 and she is a japan import the oem part number is 27060-55080 Thanks
  3. Sorry sold few weeks back meant to update ad please lock mods
  4. Blitz access ecu for gt turbo starlet ep82 Seals all intact I ran this ecu for the past 2 years in my gt turbo with a CT9 turbo and no problems Really aggressive map in these ecuGets rid of 180kmph limit Raises rev limit No fuel cut £400 posted to anywhere in UK and Ireland
  5. anyone have a front passenger side brake caliper i need it for a 1.5 diesel starlet 1998 but i think the calipers are nearly all the same
  6. No smoking ashtray gone bump make me offers
  7. de cat pipe sold BUMP anyone for the rest of the stuff
  8. TRD ep82 and ep91 front anti roll bar Comes with c clamps and 24mm powerflex poly bushes The yellow paint has come off in places but no cracks or bent out of shape 50 pounds payment by paypal only
  9. Ah thanks for clearing that part up was always wondering about it
  10. For your life scene box Fits in the single din space on all toyotas Handy for holding keys etc Holding clip is slightly damaged but still moves in and out perfectly and stays in place 40 posted to anywhere in UK and Ireland Payments taken through paypal only and posted quotes are for UK and Ireland only
  11. i had one from ID workz for a good few years on the car as you can see in my profile picture ya i was waiting a good bit of time for it and was a bit hard to fit but got there in the end makes the back of the car look good and pure different because only the euro starlets had rubber ones and are rare these days was selling it during the summer on facebook and my inbox exploded big interest in these if someone can make them again
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