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  1. So Ive finished getting my turbo all back together and installed on the car. I also recieved my RW developments catch tank and an10 lines. Very pleased with them, really well made bit of kit. I bought a 19mm breather filter for the port on the bottom on the tank. I then had to go about getting the an10 fittings welded to the top of the rocker cover. I didnt want to risk getting any swarf trapped in the baffle plate drilling the breather port out, so opted to just have the fittings welded ontop of the existing holes on the cover. The hole inside the an10 fitting is the sam
  2. Thanks Sam Made a start putting it back together and got some more pictures
  3. Thanks charlie, It was £240 for a full overhaul and a little extra to port the wastegate. Well worth doing in my opinion though. Been keeping an eye on your thread, That paintjob is looking great, look forward to seeing it all back together .
  4. Decided to take my ct9 off over christmas to be sent off to midland turbo for a refurb. I believe its the original turbo so wanted to get it refreshed for peace of mind before upping the boost. I painted the turbo water lines in a heat proof black while they were off. Recieved it back this week, really pleased with the work. Its had a full refresh including new seals, all mating surfaces machined flat and a really good cleanup inside and outside. Also got them to port the wastegate out a bit to try and stop some of the boost creep I was having. Would definetly recommend them to anyo
  5. Thanks bud, yeah im aware of that however wont be doing any drilling. Just going to get the fittings welded ontop of the existing holes on the rocker.
  6. Fitted some new headlight bulbs to the car at the weekend. So much brighter now, a good improvement over the ones that were in there. Side lights Dipped beam Ive got some time off work over christmas so started doing some jobs on the car. I wanted to change the fuel injector seals as they looked perished and worn, so removed the injectors from the fuel rail and swapped the seals out for some fresh ones. I used a little bit of silicone grease on the new o rings to prevent them snagging. I fitted my new dizzy cap and rotor arm. I
  7. Hi Welton, I found it easier to remove the manifold and turbo together and separate them off the car. You might just want some offset ring spanners to remove the manifold to head nuts. Also you will probably need to remove the radiator for more room to work
  8. I've seen that Hurley race engineering offer a clean and flow test service Claymore 👍.
  9. Looks great this, nice work . Has the wastegate been ported at all or is it standard size? Be interested to see how it does on the dyno at td.
  10. Thanks buddy yeah sure is, missing driving it already but just not worth it with the winter road conditons. Hopefully be able to get some jobs done over winter ready for next year anyway .
  11. Haven't updated this in a little while, but taken the car off the road for winter now. Ideally need to get myself a garage space to keep it away from the elements but its tucked up on the driveway for now. Still I've had the chance to get a couple of small jobs done on the car recently. I wanted to remove the remaining part of the ac system and the two ugly pipes that are visible in the engine bay, so removed the glovebox and pulled out the ac condenser from inside the heater box. Was a bit fiddly but easily done, also picked up an non ac starlet grommit for the firewall . Very muck
  12. Looks awesome Claymore, super clean. Keep it coming .
  13. Yeah, these are listed as discontinued on amayama now too. Sad times, was hoping to pick a fresh pair up for mine .
  14. Good work Claymore, really tidy job of reinstalling the rocker cover baffle. Might have to do similar with mine at some point, thinking about removing the pcv valve and having some AN fittings welded on for a catch tank setup. Cars looking great, wheels suit it nicely
  15. Yeah I saw this last night, be interesting to see what they do with it. I believe Marty and Moog confirmed in the comments that's its a 4efte engine from a turbo starlet.
  16. Thanks Claymore yeah will keep an eye on it and turn it down slightly if needed. Feels great now though, pulls much more aggressively
  17. Great work Sam, you seem very knowledgeable with the technical side of things. Interesting thread keep it up
  18. Thanks, I have been quite lucky so far and not had much boost creep. I know ct9s can be bad for overboosting and hitting fuel cut because of the size of the internal wastegate but at the moment it seems to be doing okay.
  19. So this arrived earlier in the week. A HKS adjustable actuator that I picked up on facebook, It has barely been used and came in the original box with all the bits and instruction manuals. I have noticed after installing the new manifold and downpipe that the car will hit peak boost when i put my foot down and then the boost level will drop off through the rest of the rev range. I put this down to the stock actuator spring being weak and not holding the boost pressure. So wanted one of these to hold the desried pressure through the range aswell as having the ability to up the boost
  20. Thanks mate, Im going to see how I get on with the standard ct9 for now but thinking about a hybrid ct9 setup or possibly even forging and going bigger turbo in the future. I would ideally like to have the cars bodywork looked at and probably a full respray at some point down the line, although the paint is fairly decent overall there are a few areas that let the car down and it would make a big difference to have it sorted. Just been looking at yours and the work thats going in. Prep looks really good defenitely worth doing a thorough job to get it looking right at the end. Bodywork look
  21. Really good read this, looks like a tidy GT and some great work going into it. Keep it up👍
  22. Thanks bud, you can get all sorts of parts from them. I use https://www.nengun.com/oem/toyota/starlet-ep91-91670 to find specific part numbers and then just search by part number on amayama. Cheers mate Thanks yeah I like the prosport gauges, really good quality for the money.
  23. Thanks Claymore, I actually got the manifold and downpipe second hand of the same fella I bought the japspeed exhaust off a few weeks ago. Unsure of the brands but I think it could be a tuning developments manifold and possibly a gravity or j performance downpipe. No issues with fitment bolted straight up to my exhaust and the standard turbo oil feed fitment is still spot on . Was really lucky to get a good deal on these to say the TD manifolds are around £300 brand new. I have bourght a lot of stuff through mike at TD in the past and he has always been sound with me. Best speaking to him
  24. So my amayama order arrived last week, lots of brand new genuine parts direct from japan. It worked out a lot cheaper than it would of been from a main dealer and took just 4 weeks to arrive. Well worth doing for a big parts order, just got to bare in mind the import tax when it arrives in the UK. Also picked up a mild steel CT9 tubular exhaust manifold and a braced stainless downpipe. Got a really good deal on them and they are perfect for my setup . Should help the car to breathe a lot better. I started removing the exhaust manifold, the turbo and the stock cat. It was
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