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  1. Nah ive checked that and theres no contact with it Theres no play in the wheel either so i dont think its the bearing Im thinking ive damaged somthing whilst removing or putting on cv joint
  2. Its a weird one sounds like a flat tyre but i can feel it in the pedal
  3. Changed my cv gator last week now theres a knocking noise when driven so i thought i might of damaged the cv joint so ive just replaced it with a new one today an the noise is still there anyone had this problem before ?
  4. Cheers mate i eneded up going with the one the supplier had but its was the wrong one now im having a nightmare trying to find the right one
  5. Is there any differance is cv joints between a non turbo an a turbo ? Rung a supplier an hes saying he only has a cv joint for a non turbo
  6. Yea i was fitting all the enterprise livery. Look out for a GRS van
  7. Was working on a GBA site there saw you drive out looked very clean and sounded nice
  8. I was on the exit slip road for enfield as you drove past
  9. Cheers.i bought the car with spacers on them an want it back to original
  10. Anyone know the size of the 4 bolts for the bonnet?
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