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  1. Found what had caused the horrid squeal rattle one funked bottom pulley swapped it out for another one and were all good to go unfortunately it had made the bottom casing a right state so will have to pull it apart again and replace it along with belt and water pump
  2. Just been out had a look at that seems good I'm looks like belt was recently changed
  3. Not belt squeal belts are all good I did a quick timing check and have spotted that the inner pulley seems to be moving constantly so where it's meant to line up it goes past and keeps going Fairly loud like a squeal rattle sound it's nothing I've heard before on a starlet
  4. How's things lads and lasses I'm hoping one of you have came across this before I recently picked up a 98 glanza rep the first few days car seemed fine part from two shot rear wheel bearings and a half mangled exhaust but in the last few days this god awful squeal has appeared now I know it's not the belts bearing in mind the timing belt is way over due but I know these make a high pitched super charger squeal when there to tight this is like a metal spinning sound if you rev it seems to stop coming from bottom pulley area I think I've looked at the pulleys and they look ok and the crank bolt
  5. hi all can anyone tell me why i cant renew this tied a few times doesn't work says ive already got an order
  6. Been trying to renew my own won't let me pay for it
  7. Yeah not Laguna as there chopped in middle looks really tidy and fits really well
  8. That's a tidy glanza what front lip is that Laguna
  9. As far as I know there's no difference I've had all sorts of lowering springs some cheap some more dear different springs depending on there drop act different ways if you just want a small drop 30mm would suit if you want to go lower 40mm I'd suggest some upgraded shocks I've 40mm springs on standard shocks and there horrid I've ordered new kyb gas shocks instead All depends on budget and what you want from the suspension if you plan on a few strip runs get a good set of springs and decent shocks
  10. Welcome along to ukso you will need to purchase a club membership in order to use the classifieds section
  11. How can i get glanza s clocks to work on my starlet xli 


    Regards fin 

    Cavan ireland

  12. Use photobucket to upload the pic and copy the image code
  13. Put the fuse box back you need to just cross the pins on ac pressure switch located behind passneger headlight if you have removed the aircon
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