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  1. I just did the ones in the mrs glanza, was a piece of piss 2 small screws and 2 10mm screw bolts.. but as says the 4” speakers are seriously pants, I just bought some vibe replacements from Halfords and some 6x9s worked out around £48.. mine didn’t have the rear speaker wire, so just bought 10m of wire cost £3, and just ran it behind the rear 1/4 and plastic running board, then up along the plastic under the steering wheel.. took around 30-45 minutes. think I’m going to look at cutting and fitting some 6” speakers into the door where the pocket is. this is the o
  2. After a few little bits. front standard mats as want to keep it as original as possible. standard brakes, pads and disc. glanza rear speaker option?? Sure I saw something like that. cheers joe 👍🏼👍🏼
  3. Recently picked up my first glanza which is destined for my gf, she only needs it to pop to her mums and back and this lovely example popped up local, so was a good excuse as I’ve wanted for a while now! will fit in nicely next to my Fd and Mk1 fiesta 😬
  4. How can I remove the rear view mirror bracket?? Got a annoying rattle comming from behind, 1997 glanza. cheers 👍🏼
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