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  1. I'm still mad about only doing 3 sessions haha
  2. Got mine Vs my brothers vxr only dry lap I got haha Mine From my brothers car (vxr)
  3. Yep, getting there around 7ish for a good spot haha
  4. Hopefully the glanza goes to a good owner, but that’s definitely the best shape evo! Very nice mate
  5. There is also a GRMN one in Japan only 100 made. 1.3 supercharged!
  6. There’s was the 1,3 model same stuff as mine just with an exhaust, very hard to find parts for them outside Japan:(
  7. It’s not too bad for a 1L obviously slow but very fun on B roads, can just keep it full throttle everywhere haha
  8. Cheers mate, i’ll Bring it to cadwell and leave the glanza at home haha
  9. Since I have been quite on here for a while (haven’t done much to Glanza) I decided to mod my daily, surprisingly it’s a very fun car, I’ve put tein coilovers, rota slips (16’s) and NS2R tyres Anyway here’s some pics enjoy.
  10. I’ve been to open track before, was pretty good, pics and tuition for free which is nice.
  11. I’m booked (john) Glanza V Ct9 @ 1bar 191bhp G max shocks and springs rear anti roll bar ad08r tyres Ds2500 pads
  12. It already feels better can’t wait to see what it’s like on track, and can see that been fun lol
  13. I may put it in the middle then! Cheers mate it already feels better on the B roads..can’t wait to get it back on track
  14. Really? It’s on the softest setting atm so see how it goes
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