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  1. Pm sent re car mate.

  2. 90k miles (not 100% sure how many exactly as cars in a garage will update soon Price : Taking offers Toyota Glanza with TD04 turbo (subaru impreza turbo) Remapped with emanage blue & WEPR Racing Ram Horn manifold, screamer & downpipe td04 kit, Magnecore HT leads, Tial wastegate, HDI intercooler, apexi front filter, civic half rad, front & back strut braces, custom exhaust &more just dont have car here to list Loads of money spent on this car only put on the best parts available, has some damage on the front and rear panel on one side as shown in pictures I can get all parts needed to repair for £400 ish from a breaking glanza just don't have the money to spend on it at the moment and im not able to drive for a year so deciding to sell, any questions ask me, cheers
  3. Even when on boost the reading is completely off but I know the boost is spot on set to .8bar as the old gauge showed this not sure why it's all over the place now
  4. Now that it's wired for the new one the old ones is off completely as well lol
  5. Boost gauge reading completely off, installed all the new wires which come with it into the exact places as the previous boost gauge and that was working fine (same brand and model) this says -0.5 to -1bar boost on idle and when boosting it is nowhere near right either, defo not the car as the other gauge was working fine, any help appreciated
  6. Have just removed old boost gauge (apexi), only by the plug on the face of the gauge and plugged straight into new gauge (apexi) was reading fine with the old one, now it's all over the place and most of the time is in the minus numbers. is it ok to change gauges like this or do I have to install new leads even though it's same make?
  7. Ooh ok sweet thanks thought the dump valve couldn't be used together with the external w/gate and Screamer! Ideal cheers mate
  8. Just got car back from having td04 & wepr ramhorn kit and few other bits fitted but dump valve was still left connected and was still dumping instead of the screamer & w/gate, have removed & blocked off the dump valve but screamer still not working, Any suggestions? (Have got bottom air ports on w/gate plugged apart from 1 which a hose goes to turbo& all top ports open) Cheers
  9. Anyone know what size the -an fitting needs to be for the td04 side? And where I could get some locally? Cheers
  10. Have braided water lines and wandering how they fit to the turbo/ what size and where I can get the fittings i need to connect the lines to turbo? cheers
  11. They only have OEM ring gaskets which won't fit on need a 3 bolt Gasket, yeah liquid gasket sealant sounds like a good idea at the min
  12. Having my wepr td04 kit fitted and need to sort out a gasket can't find the right one, can someone send me a link or give me the size of the wepr downpipe to exhaust gasket I need, cheers
  13. Cheers mate looks like mine has already had it done i think, do the rockers not have a breather on them standard? Can't see those hoses on mine
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