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    Hi im josh, 19, live in Bristol,

    Owned a Toyota Starlet EP91 N/A in a light blue (Caribbean), Enjoyed it loads, Pocket rocket!

    Now on to my second starlet: 50 Shades Of Red!! :)

    HGV Mechanic Apprentice, 3rd Year.

    Real fan of starlets and hopefully getting a glanza within the new year!, Big plans, so watch this space!

    Japfest 12/13/14. < Roll on 15! now, 4th year! :)

  1. Josh's Honda Civic Ej9 Build! Hey guys and gals! Back with another car. In case people don't know I have owned 2 starlets, and made the mistake of buying a golf at one point also lol! First starlet was blue, second red. Both got written off and sadly I loved them to bits! But enough about my old cars, onto the civic! Okay so i literally was lucky to pick this up, I was informed about this early and was able to book having a look at it. It was up for £400, and for that price it wasn't worth trying to haggle. I bought the civic on about 125k miles, 12 months Mot!, Electric windows, Electric Sunroof, and completely bog standard. Ive always wanted a civic since passing my test, so Its great to finally own one. However my dream still is to own a EK9! So until then im going to have to keep saving. Over the time of owning it so far, I have fitted coilovers, Steering wheel, wheels, and stickers! I was also on the UKSO stand at japfest ;) When i only had time to fit the fronts Couple of rough bits
  2. Can also vouch at how clean this Glanza is! New owner would not be disappointed!!
  3. The ej9's are mainly the 1.4 civic hatchback with a D14 engine, The coupe is ej6 with the d16, or 1.6 sohc
  4. Mate I had, Exact same colour starlet, Rota GT3's but all black, And a Hks exhaust the same lmao! This car is bringing me back memories of mine Looking good though mate!
  5. Bump, Or swap for 1.4/1.5 civic with cash
  6. Year: 1998 Model: Starlet Sportif Tax: N/a MOT: 10 months Mileage: 66k, shall rise ever so slightly as is my daily. Location - Bristol BS16 Description: After a long decision, I have finally decided to sell my starlet. After owning this car for over a year now, and not really heading in any direction I am deciding to get rid of it! Some of you may have seen this car when I was on stand at Japfest last year with black wings. Since owner ship I have basically bought and then removed parts due to mind changing from incidences last year. The engine itself is great, I recently did a oil change last week, and since owner ship have probably done it about 4 times. This being just due to looking after the vehicle. The body is the main downside to this vehicle, eg; The overall paintwork is faded and has a fair few marks in alot of places. There is rust on the o/s door, and a tiny bit on the n/s rear quarter. There is paint removal in certain places around where the drivers window had been smashed, and strong tape had been placed. Exhaust backbox has a hole, so is blowing.The car is also a Cat C, However has been repaired! I have started to rub back the bumper as was going to paint it myself, However haven't had, and wont have the time. The rear bumper would also benefit from a respray. There is also over spray on the n/s door which I will try to remove before sale! So overall the bodywork isnt the best!, But please don't let this put you off! The car is a great little run around and I literally have had no mechanical issues within ownership! Front headlight O/s is pushed in slightly, however is secure, and beam could do with being adjusted higher! This is definitely a ideal project/ Track car or even a daily runaround! Spec; 1. Stripped Rear, and front around handbrake and gear gaitor. 2. RS*R Lowering Springs, sits nice and handles well! 3. RS*R Front Strut Brace 4. Gt Turbo Wheels, Need a refurb, 5. Gt Turbo Passenger Seat 6. Gt Turbo Front Brake Set Up - Drilled and Grooved Discs. 7. Tegiwa Gear Shift Extender 8. Glanza V Spoiler 9. Glanza V Boot. 10. Corolla Manifold,. 11. Apexi Air Filter, 12. Pioneer Head unit, and Pioneer Front Speakers! I am literally being as honest as i can with this sale!! I will not hesitate to answer any questions, anyone has! Price: £450 ono, or can remove strut brace, and sell for £400! Want this gone ASAP as looking to get a BMW 318ci ! Pictures: Contact Details: 07860875215 - My mobile, Text / Ring etc.
  7. Cheers for the input guys some great advice and personal opinions! My aim is to import one when im older as it will be fresh, Due to the amount of honda's currently being broke for parts, it seems the prices of them will only rise! If i had the cash i would probably have one now! Engine wise. i'd be happy enough with the stock B16b however, future could plan for a b18c4 if i was desperate power! the 184bhp stock would be ample enough for track and road use for me! and my personal preference is to look after the vehicle and cherish its rare ness as it were, nowadays. The ek4's don't have much appeal as ill always be wanting a ek9, just like if i was to mod my n/a it will just never be a glanza or the same as owning one. Its just a different feeling saying you own a ek9 and not a ek4 ( in my mind anyway lol) Maybe even a few track times would be planned, but as i say i got a year and a half and providing the prices don't rocket i should have one then! Cheers guys!!!!! :thumbsup: <3 <3 <3
  8. Okay so just a general discussion, I'm currently 19, and doing my 3rd year of hgv apprenticeship, so anyway I'm looking to save from now until I'm 21 and buy myself a honda civic Ek9. I'm hoping to then get one freshly imported, and 21's a decent age for insurance! My discussion is. Has anyone owned one?, driven one? Been in one? I've been in my mates ej9 civic and a eg, but haven't experienced B series's vtec lol! My minds decided to get one! But just thought I'd throw up a topic Cheers, josh.
  9. I have 2 volk av wheels lol! I need another 2 !
  10. Love the JAM spoiler!! Ass end looks rude!
  11. Welcome mate! Have a read through some build threads to give you some ideas!
  12. Nice update mate! I to just fitted a new boot tonight with the reverse lights so im going to have to see how to wire em up lol
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