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  1. Thanks! Feeling 💯 better and can't wait to get the back to working on the my car!
  2. What's up every! It's been a while since I've stopped in here.. Well I'm a Stroke Survivor as of October 25,2017 and have my entire right side paralyzed but I'm making a comeback and well that means a rebuild and New Goals for my Eptercel so I'm almost fully recovered but not quite yet.. but I'm alive.. Cheers everyone 🍻 Manny
  3. Hello again gents!! Very nice thread so far! Any more eye candy
  4. Thanks for the welcome mates I'll definitely post up the progress as it goes along!!
  5. Been a good while since I was back on the technological super highway lol.. But I'm back car's getting a few cosmetic upgrades shaved engine bay a few suspension tweaks of my own its been on a healthy diet lol and what I'm really excited about this time around better breathing but mostly a new brain! Got a super deal on a MoTeC m4 which I'll be tuning myself so hopefully it should be a good never ending project as always lol.. Good to be back with the UK family cheers from southern California..
  6. mint piece mate!! ;) ;) love the build!! also trying to source an awd setup!!
  7. hell yea mate your more than welcome too come over the pond and bring your starlets id feel so at home ;) !! sorry for the delay of the pics have been working on a new ex manifold and piping,also trying to finish up a new inlet manifold before this saturday. so hopefully ill have them for you guys next week this deadline thing is kicking me rear end around. manny
  8. just loading the pics to my photobucket account to bring them over here! sorry for the wait guys
  9. okay guys did a search and only two topics came up not much info!! the question is have any of you or others seen any significant gains in for ex: the standard 4e-fte manifold vs. the acis manifold?? and the acis manifold vs a custom one ?? i know theres more builds out there than here just trying to get some input as im trying to embark on making an inlet mani. right now!! thanks in advance fellas
  10. WOW that glanza real nice!! whats in the engine? welcome!
  11. thanks fellas for the welcome!! ;) nah thats not a wing its the door to the trailer we were at the race track right next to the trailer
  12. will do!! gotta borrow my mothers digi cam so i can snap them and load the up!!
  13. hello my name is manny im from los angeles,ca!! i drive a 1993 tercel coupe EL45 its been turboed since about 2001 it originally started as a stock 4e-fte motor swap and its been an on-going tale of trial and error since then but a very good adventure i love the double takes the other people make when the see the car and trip out cuz its a "tercel" anyways heres a run down of the set-up now stock 5e-fhe-stock block and cylinder head @23 psi 550cc rc injectors,stock regulator,walbro 255lph 2.50" i/c piping,blitz bov,22x9x3 fmic, stock ep82 ecu,hks fcd,apexi afc,apexi turbo timer stock n/a tra
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