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  1. Year: 1998 Model: Starlet S Tax: N/A MOT: June 2017 Mileage: 133k Description: I'm sad to see her go, but I fancied something with a bigger engine and I don't have room to keep her. The clutch was new on 2 years ago, she's done around 12,000 miles since. All belts were changed last year. Barebones spec UKDM EP91 with a few mods: Glanza strut brace Corolla inlet K&N cone filter Paseo armrest GT front seats Unbranded alarm, immobiliser and central locking C52 gearbox Kenwood speakers front+rear All interior bulbs swapped for blue LEDs Also included in the sale is my box of parts,
  2. Bought an alternator off him. Communication was excellent and the part arrived quickly and well-packaged.
  3. As title. I can get to anywhere around the Bristol area, or posted would be even better.
  4. Depends on what model Starlet the new clocks came out of. If it was a Starlet CD they'll plug straight in. If it was an SR there's a few wires to change round on the plugs detailed in this guide.
  5. As above, not sure if it's the same as a Glanza one but I would've thought so
  6. Hey, don't suppose you've still got the alternator lying around?
  7. Saw you going up Bond Street, massive UKSO sticker across the rear window. Sounded sexy as fuck.
  8. Saw you going up Bond Street, massive UKSO sticker across the rear window. Sounded sexy as fuck.
  9. Just spotted the above from my vantage point on a bus, had the bump strips removed as well. Anyone on here?
  10. Jesus, someone call Max Power to arrange a shoot.
  11. Thanks mate, was a pleasure on my end as well
  12. Really? I didn't know they were worth so much less than the manuals. Would it be better value to buy an auto and do a manual conversion on it, then?
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