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  1. My car will possibly be up at gavins at this point getting more work done but ill be up for a nosey haha
  2. I'll take a 4 inch one buddy if possible posted to N.I
  3. simongra


    Anyone going to jae from this side of the water I'm going over with ni japdreamz as my car isn't ready yet
  4. 100% feedback Bought a throttle body of him advised when it would be posted updated when posted and arrived next day as told 100% would recommend
  5. Looking a throttle body with a 4 pin tps think there off an auto or 5efte thanks
  6. Yea ill be doing the cruise cant wait
  7. Yea id be up for this be good to get out with some other glanzas haha
  8. Was a lovely car mine was down on the showerks stand with my volks on xxrs are getting repainted wouldnt mind seeing that gt move lol
  9. Black gt turbo at harmony hill car show looked to be running nos anyone on here beautiful car
  10. Actually got up in the glanza carpark was to busy so a few of us just parked in a driveway of an abandoned house haha was a good day some nice glanzas
  11. Anyone for jon44 cruise up at portrush today (sunday) ill be up unfortunately not in the glanza as the alarm is messing about
  12. The one in the bottom pic is mine was stinking and had the winter wheels on xxr's are up getting painted atm :-)
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